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  • SUMO Day-15, Final day: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Ozeki Harumafuji for 15-0 perfect record to captures the record of 4th cosecutive session title, Harumafuji barely made 8-7 more win than lose and Ozeki Kotooshu beats rival Baruto 10-5, Baruto ends up with 9-6. Other veteran Ozeki Kaio loses for 8-7. 2010 Grand Sumo Fall Session (Tokyo 9/12-26) -Daily changes Results.
  • SUMO-New Year Session Day-15:Yokozuna Hakuho defeat Asashoryu for 14-1 record for tie but Yokozuna Asashoryu come back in the play off match to beat Hakuho to capture the session title. Ozeki Kotooshu lose 10-5 and Chiyotaikai 8-7 at Grand Sumo 2009 in Tokyo (1/11-25)
  • SUMO-Day 15: Osaka Spring Session: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Asashoryu to captures the session title with 15-0, Asashoryu 11-4, Ozeki Kaio 8-7, Kotooshu wins again for 10-5, Harumafuji 10-5, Chiyotaikai loses worst record of 2-13 (3/30)
  • SUMO:Kyushu Basho 11/9-23(15th Day): Yokozuna Hakuho wins the session title. Hakuho and Sekiwake Ama both wins the last day and 13-2 tie. In the fight off Hakuho defeated Ama for his 9th victory. Ozeki Chiyotaikai and Kotooshu both 8-7, Miyabiyam 10-5. Yokozuna Asashoryu absence (11/13)

  • SUMO-:Two More Russian Pro-Sumo Wrestlers: Rohou and Hakurozan Discharge Positive Drag Test (9/8).
  • SUMO-:Fall Sessions Tokyo Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins 14-1 for the Session Title, Kotomitsuki 11-4 and Ama 12-3 records, Chiyotaikai and Kaio 9-6, Ozeki Kotooshu 8-7. Asashoryu's 5th loss 5-5 and withdrew out of competetion on day 10. (9/28)

    *Yokozuna Hakuho won Nagoya Session with perfect score 15-0.
    *Ozeki Koto-oshu won his first Summer Session title with a 14-1 record.(May 11-25)

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    Undefeated Hakuho Wins Nagoya Session (7/13-27)

    The Pro-Grand Sumo Session in Nagoya finished with Yokozuna Hakuho�s 15 fight winning streak. Last session�s winner, Ozeki Kotooshu, saw his dream of becoming Yokozuna fade after his 2nd loss early in the session. Kotooshu finished with a 9-6 record, far below what he needed for a Yokozuna recommendation. Hakuho defeated Kotooshu with a left swing throw (uwatenage) on the last day of battle. This was Hakuho�s first 15-0 finish since becoming Yokozuna and the second of his career. The Best Technique award was given to Sekiwake Ama (10-5), the Inspirational award to Toyonoshima (10-5), and the Spiritual award went to Toyohiobiki (10-5). The fall session will start on Sep 14 at Tokyo�s Kokugikan Hall.(7/27)

    Grand Sumo Nagoya (7/16)

    Ozeki Kotooshu's Dreams for Yokozuna Rank Fading

    Ozeki Kotooshu wanted to gain the rank of Yokozuna by finishing this session with a minimum record of 14-1. This hope was all but shattered early this session after he lost for the third time in seven days. Even if Kotooshu wins his remaining fights to finish with a respectable 12-3 record, losing third moves the recommendation for Yokozuna out of reach. Kotooshu may have to plan on a longer road to reach Yokozuna.After seven days, Yokozuna Hakuho leads with a 7-0 record. Yokozuna Asashoryu trails with three wins and two loss but withdraw from competition due to elbow injury. Olny two other players Sekiwake Ama and Ozeki Kotomitsuki are starting the session with 6-1 record (7/19)


    Grand Sumo Summer Session (May 11 to 25)

    Ozeki Koto-Oshu Captured First Session Title over Yokozuna Asashoryu and Hakuho

    Tokyo- Koto-Oshu (25yrs), the 6’7” Bulgarian Ozeki, won the first session title with a record of 14-1. He is the 7th non-Japanese sumo wrestler to win a session title and the first one from Europe. Ozeki Koto-Oshu’s winning streak led to defeating two Yokozuna in a row. He defeated Asashoryu on the 11th day, followed by Yokozuna Hakuho on the 12th day. On the 13th day, dark horse Aminishiki broke Koto-Oshu’s undefeated record with a push out of the ring technique. Hakuho couldn’t take advantage of Koto-Oshu’s loss and also lost on the 13th day, so the top two fighters were still two points part.

    On the 14th day, Koto-Oshu defeated Ama with a push down throw to capture the session title (13-1) without needing to battle it out on the last day for the title (Senshuraku). Koto-Oshu defeated Ozeki Chiyotaikai on the last day for a 14-1 record and the session crown. If Koto-Oshu continues fighting at this level and he wins next summer�s Nagoya session a Yokozuna promotion is a possibility, but until this session, his record was not as impressive so his promotion is still uncertain.

    Grand Sumo Spring Session (March 9 to 23)

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Back This Session “Victory”

    The Grand Pro-sumo spring session opened on March 9th for 15 days of battle. Last session’s champion Yokozuna Hakuho attempted to win his 4th consecutive title, but his first loss came on the 4th day to lower ranked Aminishiki’s push down throw. Meanwhile, rival Yokozuna Asashoryu was undefeated until day 12. Sekiwake (3rd highest rank) Kotoshogiku upset Asashoryu with a push out throw to tie with Hakuho.
    Hakuho failed to hold onto his 11-1 record and lost on day 12 to Ozeki Chiyotaikai. Asashoryu also lost a second match on day 13, so the two were once again tied.

    On the final day, Yokozuna Hakuho faced rival Asashoryu in the last match of the day with both tied at 12-2. If Hakuho won, this would be his 4th straight session title. If Asashoryu won, this would be his first victory since he returned from his suspension. As the gyouji (Referee) signaled to start, Hakuho griped left, in perfect position to attack, but Hakuho was surprised by Asashoryu’s kotenage (elbow lock throw). Asashoryu captured the session title to the crowd cheering his victory.




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