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*NEWS Flash!! 2008 Beijing Olympic
  • JUDO-:Day-7, Men's +100kg & Women's +78kg: Men's S.Ishii (Jpn) and Women's Tog Wen (Chi) wins gold. World champ T.Riner (Fra) Bronze and US. D.Mccomick lost in 3rd round (8/15).
  • JUDO-:Day-6, Men's -100kg & Women's -78kg: Men's T.Naidan (Mgl) beat K.Suzuki (Jpn) to wins Gold and Women's X. Yang (Chi) captured gold. US. A.Volmar and Canadian K.Morgan all lost in the 1st and 2nd round. (8/14).
  • JUDO-:Day-5, Men's -90kg & Women's -70kg: Men's I.Tsirekidze (Geo) and Women's M.Ueno (Jpn) wins Gold. R.Rousey (Usa) captured Bronze. 2005 World Champ H.Izumi (Jap) and US. B.Olson eliminated in the early round (8/13).
  • JUDO-:Day-4, Men's -81kg & Women's -63kg: Men's O.Bischof (Ger) and Women's A.Tanimoto (Jpn) wins Gold. World Champ T.Camilo (Bra) 3rd and US. T.Stevens (NY) eliminated in 2nd round loser's pool 9th. (8/12)
  • JUDO-:Day-3, Men's -73kg & Women's -57kg E.Mammadi (Aze) and G.Quintavalle (Ita) wins gold. Team USA Ryan Reser (Tx), Valerie Gotae(Ca) and Canadian N.Tritton eliminated in early round. (8/11).
  • JUDO-:Day-2, Men's -66kg & Women's -52kg Uchishiba (Jap) and Xian Dongmei (Chi) wins Gold. US.Takata place 9th (8/10)
  • JUDO-:Day-1,Women's -48kg Alina A.Dumitru (Rom) wins Gold. Two Times Olympic gold medalist Ryoko Tani (JPN) settles Bronze. Sayaka Matsumoto (USA) lost in the 1st round by Ryoko Tani (Jpn) (8/9)
  • JUDO-:Day-1, Men's -60kg Cho Min Ho (Kor) wins Gold. US. Traje Williams Murray upset Japan's Hiraoka but lost in the 2nd round by J.A.Sanchez (Ven) (8/10).
  • JUDO-: Beijing Olympic (8/8)- Two Times Gold Medalist Ryoko Tani(JPN)Training at Secret Facility in Bejing ?. YES! She has a Private Facility with a few other players which she hired.
    • JUDO-: Beijing Olympic (8/7): Two times Olympic -48kg Champion Ryoko Tani(JPN) said "I am ready. I did everything to prepair for this Olympics. I do not have a time to see my son till end of my fighting day Aug 9th.


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    2008 Beijing Olympic

    Ishii (JPN) Dominates +100kg, World Champ Riner Upset In Quarterfinals. China's Wen Tong Wins Women's +78kg

    Day 7: In the +100kg division, Satoshi Ishii is the youngest All Japan title holder at 21 years of age, and is still a student at Kokushikan University. To get to his first Olympics he defeated former Olympic champion Kosei Inoue twice with his energetic fighting style. Ishii started with his trademark power judo to knock out his first opponents. The fourth opponent, Russian powerhouse Tomenov, was defeated with a yoko-shiho-gatame pin as Ishii advanced to the finals. In the other pool, 2007 world champ Teddy Riner (FRA) failed to live up to the hype as he lost to Uzbekistan's rising start Abdullo Tangriev. Tangriev met Ishii in the finals, but although Tangriev could control the teenage Riner, this was not the case with Ishii. Ishii's aggressive tactics prevented Tangriev from using his uchimata. Tangriev also received two shido penalties and he could not make up the points to catch Ishii. Ishii won the second gold medal for the Japanese men's team. In the women's +78kg division, defending Olympic champion Maki Tsukada (JPN) continued a string of ippon (full points) wins through the semifinals. There, she fought one of her rivals from the last worlds silver medalist Lucija Polavder (SLO) and defeated her with a yoko-shiho-gatame pin in 3:04. In the finals, Tsukada faced 2007 world gold medalist Wen Tong (CHN). Tsukada controlled Tong throughout the match, with a two shido penalty lead. With 8 seconds to go, Tong's attempt at a left-to-right drop ippon seoinage (one arm shoulder throw) caught Tsukada for ippon in a slow fall to the mat. Tong jumped up and down ecstatically after winning the gold, while Tsukada stayed prone on the mat, showing her disappointment. Tong captured the third judo gold medal for China.

    Japanese Champion Suzuki Loses In 1st Round, Surprise Gold for China's Xiuli Yang (8/14)

    Day 6: The day starting with a shocking loss for the Japanese team. Keiji Suzuki failed to defend his gold medal by losing in the first round to an unknown player from Mongolia. Tuvshinbayar Naidan attacked with a successful morote-gari (double leg throw) which caught Suzuki off guard for a full ippon win 1:26 into the match. Suzuki lost his next match, leaving him and all of Japan in a state of devastated shock. Maybe the pressure of leading the Japanese team as the captain as a country hoped to repeat the eight gold medals in Athens was too much for Suzuki. The Japanese judoka with the highest expectations pinned to him saw his Olympic dreams evaporate. This weight division seemed like a flashback to Kosei Inoue's nightmare loss at Athens. Former Mongolian sumo wrestler Naidan defeated all of his opponents, including Askhat Zhitkeyev (KAZ) in the finals, to capture Mongolia's first every Olympic gold medal. After the match, Suzuki commented, "I didn't expect it would be easy to win, but I didn't expect this, either. I'm very disappointed. It's a shame." Two Mongolian pro-sumo wrestlers, Yokozuna Asashoryu and Hakuho were jubilant about Naidan's victory. "He finished with a better record than my father! (Mexico Olympics silver in wrestling) I will congratulate him when I visit Mongolia," said Hakuho. Former judo player Asashoryu said, "I can't find the words to express myself excep that I am very excited about his victory." Adler Volmar (USA) and Canadian veteran Keith Morgan were both defeated in the preliminary rounds. The women's -78kg division had many upsets and drama. 2007 world champion Yurisel Laborede of Cuba defected when she was in Miami last May for the Pan-Am judo championships. At this Olympics, she was replaced by Yalennis Castillo, who proved herself by capturing a silver medal. Last year's world silver medalist Sae Nakazawa (JPN) lost in the 1st round and was eliminated from competition. Meanwhile, another unknown player Xiul Yang (CHN) stole the gold medal from Castillo to win China's second judo gold medal.

    Defending Champion Ueno (-70kg) Captures Japan's 3rd Gold; Rousey Becomes First American Female Medalist. Tsirekidze (GEO) Wins Gold in Men's -90kg

    Day 5: Another Japanese veteran, Masae Ueno, won her 2nd Olympic gold in Beijing. Since winning old in Athens, Ueno struggled and did not even qualify for the 2007 World Championships. Ueno placed 3rd at this year's Olympic trials, but still managed to be selected to the Olympic team by the Japanese Judo Federation due to her experience. Their confidence in her ability paid off as Ueno defeated Anysi Hernandez in the finals with kuchiki-taoshi within 45sec to capture her 2nd Olympic gold medal. Ronda Rousey (USA) threw German Annett Boehm with a sode-tsurikomigoshi (lifting arm hip throw). With this yuko point, Rousey became the first American female to win a medal at the Olympics. Ronda stated: I won a bronze medal and I did better than I expected. I will take a year off and go back to school. I look forward to learning to surf once I go back to the States and buy a surfboard. Irakli Tsirekidze of Geogia has dominated this division since becoming the men's -90k world champion in 2007. He beat newcomer Amar Benikhlef (AL) by only a small point to capture his first Olympic gold medal. American Brian Olson lost to Diego Rosati of Argentina in the 1st round.

    Tanimoto (JPN) Defends Olympic Title (-63k) and Bischof (GER) Wins Gold (8/12)

    Day 4: Ayumi Tanimoto (JPN) defended her title for her 2nd Olympic gold in the -63k division. Tanimoto defeated World champion Driulis Gonzalez in the semi-finals, and finished off Lucie Decosse (FRA) in the finals with a superb uchimata (leg lifting throw) to win by ippon (full point) in 1:26. A disappointing 3rd place finish at Worlds last year may have fueled Tanimoto in defeating all of her rivals. In Beijing, Tanimoto won all of her matches by full point for an impressive Olympic performance. In the men's -81kg division, 2007 World champion Tiago Camilo of Brazil fell in the quarterfinals to unknown Ole Bischof (GER). Camilo came back to capture a bronze medal. Bischof fought through to the finals and faced newcomer Jaebum Kim (KOR). Bischof's deep left grip kept pressure on Kim as Bischof controlled him to capture his first Olympic gold. US hopeful Travis Stevens was defeated by Tiago Camilo in the 2nd round and settled for 9th place.

    Mammadli (AZE) Grabs Gold From World Champ Wang Ki-Chun (KOR), Giulia Quintavalle (ITA) Unexpected Gold Medalist (8/11)

    Day 3 - The men's -73k finals matched Elnur Mammadli (AZE) against Wang Ki-Chuan (KOR). These two last faced each other 11 months ago at the 2007 World Championships finals. Then, Wang captured first place, but Olympic gold eluded him as Mammadli's kibisu-gaeshi (ankle block throw) 13 seconds into the final match caught Wang by surprise. With this ippon, Mammadli captured his first Olympic gold medal. The women's -57k division was full of unanticipated results. Last year's World champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Kye Sun-Hui of North Korea was upset in the 2nd round by a French player. With the heavily favored Kye out, the gold medal match was between Giulia Quintavalle (ITA) and Deborah Gravenstijn (NED). Quintavalle defeated Gravenstijn, the 2003 world bronze medalist, for her first Olympic gold medal.

    Uchishiba (JPN) and Xian (CHN) Capture Gold On 2nd Day Of Judo, Takata (USA) Fell In Quarterfinals (8/10)

    Day 2 - Masato Uchishiba (JPN) defeated French new-comer Benjamin Barbelet with a tate-shiho-gatame pin for his second Olympic gold medal (-66kg). At 30 years old, Uchishiba is Japan's oldest gold medalist. After failing to make the 2007 world team, he fought through at the Olympic trials to take 1st place and win the honor of representing Japan at this Olympics. American Taylor Takata fought well and in the quarter-finals faced Yodaris Arencibia (CUB). Arencibia, last year's world silver medalist, blocked Takata from reaching the semi-finals. Sasha Mehmedovic dashed Canada's hope for a medal by losing to Russia in the 3rd round. The 2007 world champion, Joao Derly (BRA) also lost in the 3rd round. In the women's -52kg division, Xian Dongmei (CHN) won her 2nd Olympic gold medal by defeating 2007 Worlds bronze medalist An Kum Ae of North Korea.

    Olympic Gold Medalist Ryoko Tani (JPN) Settles For Bronze. Matsumoto (USA) loses in 1st round. (8/9)

    Day 1: "Even though I am a mother, I will still get the Gold." Ryoko Tani (JPN) started the Olympics with this slogan to all of Japan, and she started by beating U.S. champion Sayaka Matsumoto in the 1st round. The two-time Olympic gold medalist could not carry her momentum all the way to the gold medal match though, and fell in the semifinals to Alina Alexandra Dumitru of Romania. Nearing the end of the match, both players had two shido penalties each. With 33 seconds left, a critical penalty call was given only to Tani for noncombativity, and in the time left she couldn't gain the lead. Tani stated, "That was the judges decision, so there was nothing I could do." Tani fought Russia's Bogdanova in the bronze medal match, and pounded her with a powerful harai-goshi throw for full point. In the finals, 3rd place medalist from the 2007 World Championships, Alina Dumitru, defeated Yanet Bermoy of Cuba with a powerful Osoto-gari throw in 1min 20sec to capture her first Olympic gold medal.

    Taraje W.Murray (USA) upsets Hiraoka (JPN) but Korea's Cho Min HO Wins Gold (8/9)

    Day 1: In the men's -60kg division, Taraje W. Murray (USA) upset Paris Int'nl winner Hiroaki Hiraoka (JPN) in the 1st round. Murry lost in the next round to Javier A.G. Sanchez's (VEN) powerful ippon seoinage throw in 3min 59sec. With this loss, Murry was eliminated from the competition. In the finals, Cho Min Ho (KOR), the 2008 World Championships bronze medalist, defeated Ludwing Paisher (AUT) for his first Olympic gold medal.

    Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Ryoko Tani Ready To Face US. Matsumoto Vie for Third Gold and left to Secret Facility (8/9)

    The ten players on the Japanese Olympic judo team have been practicing at a special location Japan House in Beijing since August 5th. At today's press conference, two-time Olympic champion Ryoko Tani sated, "I am in good condition and ready to go. My son arrived in Beijing today, but I will not see him until the end of judo tournament on August 9th. I am not thinking about my rivals, but just concentrating on doing my best. I will focus all my judo experience into capturing a third gold medal. On August 8th,Tani came with Japanese team mate at Japan House but she left to her Secrets training facility some where in Beijing. US. Sayaka Matsumoto (Ca) is facing Ryoko Tani in the first round of -48kg division on Aug 9th (9pm on Aug 8. Ca time)

    Team USA Meets Former President H.W.Bush at Beijing Training Center (8/8)

    Members of the U.S. Olympic Team had the opportunity to meet former President George H.W. Bush at practice on Thursday. President Bush, who is the Honorary Chef de Mission for Team USA, came to practice following a Today Show shoot, took pictures with the Team and then stayed to watch half of the session.

    Cuban Olympic Women's Judo Team Final Prep in Kyoto Japan. What Happened to Yurisel Laborder?

    The seven members of the Cuban women's Olympic judo team just finished their final training on August 3rd at Kyoto Gaigo Univesity. Last year's -48kg World silver medalist Bermoy stated that Ryoko Tani, Japan's 7-time World champion, is a great player but I will not make same mistake again. I am sure the new strategies I have been working on for Ryoko Tani will succeed. Yurisel Laborde, the two-time -78kg World champion, defected last May after winning the Pan Am Championships in Miami, FL. Rather than show any weakness about losing such a strong player, the Cuban team coach says they have a stronger player than Laborder ready for Beijing. -Picture: Yurisel Laborder (Cub)(8/4)

    Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Ryoko Tani of Japan Training At Private Site Japan House in Beijing

    by N.B and M.W (JJ)

    Is Ryoko Tani, Japan's two-time Olympic gold medalist (-48kg), preparing for Beijing away from the Olympic Village at a secret site? Countries with strong judo teams like Japan, France, Germany, England and Korea will stay out of the media glare and train at a private facility. Coaches can hone their players' techniques without giving away any strategies. Some teams will stay about 100 miles away as the French judo team did before the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The Japanese team trained closer at the local Tenri dojo on the east side of LA. Players from other countries stay at the Olympic Village, where the only last minute training possibilities are at a public venue or inside the Olympic Village facility. Strong teams who win medals can find more funding for the players, which in turn makes it easier to maintain their standing.(7/31) -Picture: Ryoko Tani (JPN)

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