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Martial Arts Posters

A good collection of Martial Arts pictures available in Judo Journal stock and ready to ship.Please click a picture that you like.

Best Aikido Book: The Fundamentals

Kisshomaru Ueshiba & Moriteru Ueshiba

The most authoritative training aid written by the son and grandson of the founder of Aikido. An important addition to the libraries of all practitioners.

192 pgs. Hardcover, 7 1/8 x10 1/8 200 B&W photos .$30.00+S&H $5.00 (US) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

BRA Jiu-Jiutsu Passing the Guard Book

Brazilian Jiujitsu Technical Book

Over 1400 color photos and 50 ways to pass the guard, plus submissions, counters, and drills. Excellent 200 pgs in English.

Paperback, 200 pages, 11" x 8-1/2". 1400 color photos. $37.00 (US$) + S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl).

Bushido Book: The Soul of Japan
By Inazo Nitobe

Bushido is the code of conduct that governed the lives and conduct of the samurai. Written by one of Japan's most respected thinkers, this book was the first in English to explore the roots of Japanese ethics and morality.

Hardcover, 160 pgs. 5 � x 7 � , $19.00 +S&H $5.00 / $11.00 (Int'nl)

The Canon of Judo Book

Kyuzo Mifune
Translated by Francoise White

Considered is considered by many "bible of Judo," so much so that its comprehensive instruction and deep understanding of the practice played a significant role in the founding of the international Judo Association.

256 pgs. 7 � x 10 � 500 B& W photos. $35.00 (US$) + S&H $5.00 (US), / $11.00 (Int'nl)

Dynamic Sumo Video

Sumo is distinguished from other sports by the importance it places on ritual and ceremony ...

The Book of Five Rings

Miyamoto Musashi
Translated by William Scott Wilson

This classic work from the most famous Japanese sword-master offer timeless advice on defeating adversaries, throwing an opponent off guard, creating confusion and other techniques to win battles.

160 pgs Hardcover, 5 � x7 � calligraphy illus. $19.00+S&H $5.00 (US)/ $11.00 (Int'nl)

Judo Basics Book: Principles, Rules, and Rankings

Practical Harrington
Illustrated by Hayward

Providing virtually everything a student or instructor needs to know about Judo, whether techniques, rankings, or regulations, this long-awaited reference is designed to complement any level of study.

208 pgs. 7 1/8 x 10 1/8 B&W sketches. $35.00 +S&H $5.00(US), /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Judo Justice (VHS)

Story Like a Modern day of Mitsuyo Maeda "Conde Koma"

A 90 minute full length movie, produced by Merit Productions in 1993, featuring Judo Journal publisher Nori Bunasawa 7th dan (Master of Judo and founder of Jukken-do), a former All Japan Judo silver medallist.

A Japanese businessman, Gonji Tamashita (Nori Bunasawa),who while touring the U.S., stops short of his destination in a town called Jacksonville, Missouri. Several lawless thugs control the pulse of Jacksonville but they meet their match when raise the ire of Tamashita, a silent, but fearless martial artist. Tamashita delays his business trip to defend the honor of the good people of Jacksonville, and gain back their home. He assumes the role of Marshall, and trains the town youth the self-defense of Judo and Jukken-do in his new dojo.

Obviously, this does not fare well with the established power mongers, and a fight ensues to regain the civility of this small southwest town.

The final climactic fight scene is a tribute to the dynamic power of Judo and Jukken-do throws. Bunasawa shows world class Judo skill, by throwing 4th dan black belt Ken Vanderlip ("Sledge"), in a classic uncut real Judo and Jukken-do scene, that has Vanderlip flipping 180 degrees from foot sweep. Choreographed by Bunasawa, there are no Hollywood stunt actors here, only real Judo and Jukken-do fighters.

1hr 30min English/ Color, Production in USA 1993. VHS (NTSC) $29.95 (US$) +S&H $5.00 /$11.00 (Int'nl)

-Story Line of JUDO JUSTICE-

A Japanese businessman, Gonji Tamashita (Nori Bunasawa) has been assigned by his parent company in Japan to tour the United States for the purpose of acquainting himself with the American people and their customs before starting his new assignment at the company's plant in North California. As he is driving through the southwest, his car breaks down in a small, lawless town called Jacksonville, which has been taken over and is now controlled by the town bullies.

Gonji befriends Roy Wittle (David Proval), the clerk at the motel where his staying and, as a result of Roy's plight with the town bullies, Gonji accepts the job of town marshal. Employing a charming mixture of southern aware ness. Samurai wisdom and martial arts, the bullies are soon in check and the town begins to return to normal.

Meanwhile Sledge (Ken Vanderlip), who is rotting away in prison for the murder of the former Marshal, learns of Gonji's regaining control of the town and decides to break out of jail and kill him. Sledge succeeds in his escape only to be cornered in a livery stable by Gonji, resulting in a duel-to-the death fight.

Judo Poster: Fall

Size 24"w x 33'h (inches)

Ippon-Seoinage throw on white snow. $14.00(US$) +S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Judo Poster: Spring

Size 24"w x 33'h (inches)

Ippon-Seoinage throw on white snow. $14.00(US$) +S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Judo Poster: Summer

Size 24"w x 33'h (inches)

Ippon-Seoinage throw on white snow. $14.00(US$) +S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Judo Poster: Winter

Size 24"w x 33'h (inches)

Ippon-Seoinage throw on white snow. $14.00(US$) +S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

JUDO vs Brazilian JIUJITSU (VHS)
Which is the strongest Martial Arts!

It has aired 6 times on wide ranging Brazilian cable television! This film covers real fight under WPJF rule between Californian Judo player and top Brazilian Jiujtsu player Alen Goes.

30min, English /Color, VHS (NTSC). $25.00 (US$) +S&H $5.00(USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl).

Ju-Jitsu (Classical and Modern)
By Eddie Ferrie

Traces the history and philosophy of Japanese Jujitsu. Detail self-defence techniques, including striking, joint locks, chocking, and weapons.

Paperback, 160 pages, fully illustrated photo B&W. $27.00 (US$) + S&H $ 5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)


"Rare 1968 First Edition English Kata book"
There's only a few copies left on this rare, first edition, 1968 Kodokan Kata book, by Y.Hirose (8th dan), S. Kotani (10th dan) and Y. Osawa (9th dan). This book is also autographed. Whether you are learning Judo or just collecting Judo memorabilia, this book is definite must have. Order Now! It's a few copies left.

Paperback, 193 pages, Fully illustrated photo B&W. $45.00 (US$) + S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Official Kodokan Rank (Dan) Patch

Number of red stripes depicts 1st dan to 8th dan black belt rank.
Size 1.75"w x 2.75"h (1st dan), 1.75"w x 4.00"h (8th dan).
For more Price info please contact JJ at : info@judojournal.com

The Toughest Man Who Ever Lived

Real stories of Judo-ka "Conde Koma"
By Nori Bunasawa / John Murray

First "100" Second Edition(Limited Print Run)
The real stories of judo master Mitsuyo Maeda and how he dominated the Pro-Fight World with his style of Judo/ Jiujitsu. In English.

Paperback, 287 pages. 8-1/4" x 5-1/2". B&W Photos. $39.95 + S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Name Brand Belts

The Best Quality Belts "Mitsuboshi" and "KuSakura" Brand from Japan.

# Price $_____ + S&H $5.00 (US$) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Extra Thick Black Belts:
#3-------$36.00 (2.55m)
#4-------$38.00 (2.75m)
#5-------$40.00 (2.95m)
#6-------$42.00 (3.15m)
#7-------$47.00 (3.35m)

Extra Thick Red & White Belts
#3-------$44.00 (2.55m)
#4-------$47.00 (2.75m)
#5-------$50.00 (2.95m)
#6-------$53.00 (3.15m)
#7-------$58.00 (3.35m)

Modern Judo Book

"Techniques of East and West " by two times Olympic Champion of Austria Peter Seisenbacher and his George Kerr. Pepper back edition, first published 1991. Fully illustrated top level competition Judo techniques! a must for the serious JUDOKA! Training in Japan, competition Judo, list of Olympic & World winners.

Paperback, 192 pages. Fully illustrated photo B&W. $33.00 (US$) + S&H $5.00 (USA)/ $11.00 (Int'nl)

The Secret Okinawa Karate Book: Essence and Techniques

Kiyoshi Arakai

Karate master Kiyoshi Arakai outlines the essential of Karate as originally developed on the island of Okinawa where it all began. Includes over 150 photos and instructional captions.

160 pgs Hardcover, 7 � x 10 �, 150 B&W photos, $35.00+ $5.00 (US) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

Story of Sanshiro Sugata
By Akira Kurosawa

Filmed during WWII, this dynamic Judo Saga launched the career of Japan's haild film director Akira Kurosawa! A unique story mirroring the development of modern Judo in 1882, when it branched out from the older Jujitsu style, A headstrong Judo students, Sanshiro Sugatra ,finds his sensei's will. His sensei's name "Yanao" obviously implies "Jigoro Kano" the founder of Judo.

The story develops as Sanshiro must defend the honor of the Judo against the established Jujitsu schools, and culminates in a showdown between the two. A good portion of Japanese philosophy, honor, and self-respect , as well as Kurosawa's flair for capturing these feelings on film, make this black and white a real classic.

1hr 19min, English subtitles, Black & White (NTSC). $29.95 (US$) +S&H $5.00 (USA) /$11.00 (Int'nl)

A Biography of Jigoro Kano
Brian Watson

The only English-language biography available on the founder of Judo. This first-paced, dialogue-driven biography can be enjoyed by practitioners of Judo at any age.

128 pgs. 7 � x 10 1/8 B&W photos exercise techniques. $30.00 (US$) + S&H $5.00 (USA),/ $11.00 (Int'nl)

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