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*NEWS Flash - 1!!

  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-"OBITUARY":Mel Appelbaum passed away. Funeral service was held on June 29 at the Bernheim-Apter-Kreitzman Suburban Funeral Chapel in Livingston, NJ. Also Jeffrey Takeda passed away on June 4th. He was President of Chuka Judo Yudanshakai and The Chairperson for the USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee. ( Jun /2016)

  • SUMO Summer Session Final Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho defeate rival Kakuryu to wins the 37th session title with 15-0 record. He will challenge 1000 winning at the next Nagoya session with 13 more victorys, Kakuryu loses with 11-4 finish. Other Yokozuna Harumafuji loses by Ozeki Kisenosato to ends up 10-5, and Kisenosato wins to finish 13-2, Other Ozeki Goeido loses by Kotoshogiku for the 9-6 and Kotoshogiku wins to finish 10-5. Terunofuji ends up 13 loss and 2 wins 2-13. Sekiwake Ikioi wins 4-11 and Kotoyuki wins over Terunofuji with 7-8. 2016 Grand Sumo Summer Session end on May 22nd and the Nagoya session will start on July 10th. (Kokugikan Tokyo, JPN 5/8-22) -Daily changes Results.
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  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-:2016 All Japan Judo federation selected Rio Olympic players: Men's -60kg N.Takato,-66kg A.Ebinuma,-73kg S.Oono,-81kg T.Nagase,-90kg N.Baker, -100kg R.Haga,+100kg after All Japan. Women: -48kg A.Kondo, -52kg M.Nakamura, -57kg K.Matsumoto -63kg M.Tashiro, -70kg A.Tachimoto, -78kg M.Umeki.+78kg after All Japan. ( Fukuoka Japan 4/2-3/2016)

  • SUMO SPRING Session Day-15 : Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Harumafuji with 14-1 to captures 36th session title. Other Yokozuna Harumafuji end up 9-6, and Kakuryu wins over Kotoshogiku with 10-5. Ozeki Goeido loses by Kisenosato to finish 12-3, Kisenosato wins 2nd the best 13-2. Ozeki Kotoshogiku loses 8-7. Terunofuji loses 8-7. Sekiwake Toyonoshima loses 3-12 and Yoshikaze wins 4-11. Kotoyuki recieves the first inspirational award with 12-3. Next summer session will start on May 08th at Tokyo. 2016 Grand Sumo Spring Osaka Session -End. (OSAKA, JPN 3/13-27) -Daily changes Results.
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  • MMA-:UFC-NewsFlash!: Former UFC champion Kevin Randleman dies at 44 !!!.-on Thursday that Randleman had been admitted to a San Diego hospital for pneumonia and later passed away due to heart failure. San Diego California USA. 2/12/2016
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  • SUMO New Year Session Last Day-15,:Ozeki Kotoshogiku wins over Goeido to captures first session title with 14-1. Yokozuna Hakuho loses by rival Harumafuji to end up 12-3. Kakuryu loses by Kisenosato to finish 10-5. Harumafuji wins second the best 12-3 record. Ozeki Kisenosato wins 9-6 finish. Other ozeki Goeido loses again with worst record of 4-11. New Ozeki Terunofuji withdrew from competition 3-3. Sekiwake Tochiozan wins to finish of 7-8 and Yoshikaze wins and end up 8-7. 2016 Grand Sumo New Year Session. (Kokugikan Hall Tokyo,JPN 1/10-24) -Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO Winter Session Day-15th Final: Yokozuna Hakuho loses again by Yokozuna Kakuryu 12-3 to bihind Harumafuji and Harumafuji also loses by Ozeki Kisenosato 13-2 to wins the 7th session title. Kakuryu wins 9-6. Ozeki Kisenosato wins 10-5. Other veteran Ozeki Kotoshogiku withdraw on the day 13th and end up 8-6, Goeido wins over Tochiozan 8-7. New Ozeki Terunofuji wins 9-6. Sekiwake Tochiozan loses 8-7 and Miyougiryu loses 2-13. The most Fighting-spirit award was given to Shohozan 12-3 and Ikioi 12-3 record. 2015 Grand Sumo Winter Session. (Kyushu Fukuoka 11/08-22) -Daily changes Results.
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  • MMA-:UFC-193. -Underdog Holly Holm(NM) knockout UFC champion Ronda Rousy(CA) 51sec into second round. Melbourne Australia. 11/15/2015
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  • SUMO Fall Session Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho withdraw on day-3 due to the knee injury with 0-3 and Kakuryu loses by Terunofuji for the tie score 12-3. Harumafuji still absence. Ozeki Kisenosato wins over Goeido 11-4. Other veteran Ozeki Kotoshogiku wins over Tochiozan 11-4, Goeido loses 7-8. New Ozeki Terunofuji wins 12-3 and the tie break fight between Kakuryu, Kakuryu come back to defeats Terunofuji for the the 2nd setion tiles to wins. Sekiwake Tochiozan wins 8-7 and Ichinojo wins 9-6. 2015 Grand Sumo Fall Session. (Kokugikan Hall,Tokyo 9/13-27) -Daily changes Results.
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  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-:2015 World Judo Championships in Astana KAZ-Day 7.

    Japan takes 1st place with 6-Gold, 4-Silver, 5-Bronz, France captures 2-Gold, 2-Silver, 2-Bronz for 2nd, Korea wins 2-Gold, 3-Bronz for 3rd and Kazakhstan follows with 1-Gold,1-Silver for the 4th place. Kazakhstan wins Men's -60kg by SMETOV Yeldos and second by IBRAYEV Rustam in day 1 but Japan come back Women's -52kg ,-63kg two veterans M.Nakamura, K.Matsumoto and Day-3,4, with -73kg S.Oono, -81kg New comer T.Nagase both wins the gold to lead, and day 6,7, Japan add 2 more gold to the total 6 to wins the 1st plce in the medal count. Korea captures 2-gold by AN Baul -66kg and GWAK,Dong Han -90kg move up but settled 3rd. France captures 1-Gold at Day 5 by EMANE,Gevrise 70kg and last day King of Judo +100kg Teddy Riner defeats Japan's Shichinohe to add another gold for the total 2 to move up 2nd place. US former World champ K.Harrison lost in the 3rd round by Korean.( Astana, KAZ 8/23-30/2015)

  • SUMO Nagoya Session Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Kakuryu for the session title with 14-1 and Kakuryu finish with 12-3. Harumafuji withdraw on Day 2 due to elbow injury 1-0. Ozeki Kisenosato loses 10- 5 by rival Goeido. Other veteran Ozeki Kotoshogiku wins 8-7 to rimain in Ozeki rank, Goeido finish 9-6. New Ozeki Terunofuji loses by Kotoshogiku with 11-4 finish. Sekiwake Tochiozan loses and ends up 10-5 and Ichinojo wins 4-11. 2015 Grand Sumo Nagoya Session. (Aichi-ken Taikukan,Nagoya,JPN 7/12-26) -Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO Summer Session Day-15: Sekiwake TERUNOFUJI wins first session title with 12-3 record.He will be promoted to Ozeki in the next Nagoya session. Yokozuna Hakuho loses by Harumafuji 11-4 and Harumafuji end up 11-4. Ozeki Kisenosato wins over Kotoshogiku 11-4. Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku ends up 6-9 and Goeido forfeit loses due to shoulder injury on Day 13th after defeate Hakuho and finish with 8-6-1. Sekiwake Terunofuji wins over Aoiyama with 12-3. Newcomer ichinojo wins over Kaisei 8-7. Other Yokozuna Kakuryu is absence. 2015 Grand Sumo Summer Session. (Kokugikan Hall,Tokyo,JPN 5/12-26) -Daily changes Results.
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  • Boxing-:World Welterweight title match between Manny Pacquiao (57W-5L-2)vs Floyd Mayweather(47W-0L-0). "Mayweather(USA) wins over Pacquiao(PHI)by decision". The title match was held at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2nd. MGM Grand LV, Nevada USA 5/02/2015
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    News FLASH!!! JUDO-:2015 US Sr. Nat'l Judo Championships in Irving Tx.
    US. Judo SR. Nat'l ( Irving Tx 5/2-3/2015)

  • SUMO Osaka Session Day-15 Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Harumafuji to captured Session title with 14-1. Harumafuji ends up 10-5. Other Yokozuna Kakuryu out of competition due to the shoulder injury. Ozeki Kisenosato wins to Kotoshogiku 9-6, Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku 8-7 and Goeido loses by Terunofuji 8-7. Sekiwake Terunofuji wins 14-1. New comer ichinojo wins 13-2. 2015 Grand Sumo Summer Session (Kokugikan Hall, Tokyo,JPN 5/10-24) -Daily changes Results.
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  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-:Two times Olympic Gold medalist farewell ceremony was held in Tokyo. Former Olympic champion and AJJF Chairman of development commitee Hitoshi Saito was passed away at age of 54 on Jan 20th 2015. Cause of deth was cancer. Over 1300 people attend ceremony. Olympian H. Saito Farewell Ceremony. ( Tokyo 3/15/2015)

  • MMA-:UFC-Fight 184. - "If Cat Zingano was Judo-ka (Judo player),she might escaped???" the Competetion technique is instinct reaction based on passed experience like computer memories. Ronda said "It's worked" (Lower Cross armbar) means, She saw it this move but never tried to use as finishing technique. that why JJ Pridection was hits at mark! We pointed out Ronda's "Olympic Judo Experience". "Ronda Rousey armbar(Shita Jujigatame-lower Cross Armbar) came from just her memories. If Cat Zingano roll over, it might have escaped and had a second chance but she didn't (no expierience). If Cat escaped, more likely Ronda will continue to 2nd attempt of reguler cross armbar (Juji-gatame) again to finish Cat but Cat had at least second chance, if it's happen and happen. Nobody knows what is the next? but the only experience gives you the answer. by Nori Bunasawa (Japanese World teem and Former US World Judo team coach. Bunasawa-Kai Costa Mesa Ca 92627.- 8th degree Judo/ Founder of Maeda JUKKENDO) -:to learn more a Good techniques visit at ( WWW.Judo/ Jukkendo Demo on Youtub). Staples Centers Los Angeles, California USA 2/28/2015
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    latest news">MMA-:UFC-Fight 184. - JJ Pridection hits!. "Ronda Rousey armbar Cat Zingano in 14 seconds". The Women's UFC Bantamweight Championship, Ronda Rousey finishes with fastest Submission to defend the title. Cat Zigano's knee kick but found herself on the ground. Ronda quickly transite to take Cat's arm for the submission( Shita Juji Gatame- lower Cross armbar) to finish the night.
    Staples Centers Los Angeles, California USA 2/28/2015 >

  • MMA-:UFC-Fight 184. -The Women's UFC Bantamweight Championship. Ronda Rousey finishes with Submission!. Ronda Rousey (10-0, 28yrs, Judo-ka, Ca) has more advantage over Cat Zigano (9-0, 32yrs, Wrestler, Co). Ronda's Age, MMA expierience and skill level of competetion like a Judo in olympic. compair with Cat's carrier. JJ predect, It will be in the 1st round finish with submission by Ronda, unless Rond'a over confidence may take a risk. if Cat strike to catch Ronda,It may be a big upset. Staples Centers Los Angeles, California USA 2/28/2015
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  • SUMO New Year Session Day-15 Yokozuna Hakuho wins over rival Kakuryu in the last day to caputures historic record of 33rd sesition titles. This will be the most winning sumo players in the history over Taiho's 32nd. Kakuryu loses 10-5, Harumafuji wins over Kisenosato for the 11-4. Ozeki Kisenosato finishe 11-4, Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku loses by Goeido for 9-6 and Goeido wins to keep Ozeki rank with 8-7. New comer sekiwake ichinojo loses finish 6-9. 2015 Grand Sumo New Year Session (Tokyo Kokugikan Hall,JPN 1/10-25) -Daily changes Results.
  • ">.

  • SUMO Kyushu Session Last Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Kakuryu to captures tie record of 32nd titles with 14-1, Kakuryu loses end up 12-3, Harumafuji wins 11-4. Ozeki Kisenosato wins 11-4, Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku loses by Harumafuji 6-8 and Goeido loses by Kisenosato 5-10. New comer sekiwake ichinojo loses to finishs 8-7. The outstanding award went to Takayasu with 10-5 and the inspirational award are given to Kyokutenho 10-5 and Tochinoshin 11-4. 2015 New year session will be at Kokugikan hall in Tokyo. 2014 Grand Sumo Kyushu Winter Session (Fukuoka,JPN 11/9-23) -Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO Fall Session Last Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Kakuryu 14-1 to captures session title. Harumafuji withdraw at Day-5 (3-2). Kakuryu loses end up 11-4. Ozeki Kisenosato wins over Kotoshogiku 9-6. Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku finisg with 9-6 and Goeido wins 8-7. New comer ichinojo wins 13-2 to captures two special awards. Former Ozeki Kotooshu retired (Mar 2014), due to his shoulder injury. Former Ozeki Baruto retired due to his knee injury on Sep 2013. 2014 Grand Sumo Tokyo Fall Session (Kokugikan Hall,Tokyo 9/14-28) -Daily changes Results.
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  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-: ASIAN GAMES Judo-:Men's Gold: (Day-1) -60kg S.Yeldos(KAZ),-66kg D.Tumrkhuleg(MGL):(Day-2)-73kg H.Akimoto(JPN),-81kg J.Kim(KOR),-90kg Y.Yoshida(JPN):(Day-3) -100kg T.Naidan(MGL), +100kg T.Ojitani(JPN),(Day-4) Team: 1.KOR,2.KAZ 3.JPN,4.UZB./Women (Day-1)-48kg U.Munkbat(MGL),-52kg M.Nakamura(JPN):(Day-2)-57kg A.Yamamoto(JPN),-63kg D.Joug(KOR),-70kg S.Kim(KOR):(Day-3) -78kg G.Jeong(KOR),+78kg S.Ma(CHI).( Day-4)Team:1.JPN,2.KOR,3.CHN,3.PRK. ASIAN GAMES Judo ( Inchon Korea 9/20-22)

  • SUMO Nagoya Session Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Harumafuji 13-2 to captures 30th titles. Harumafuji end up 10-5. Kakuryu wins ove Kisenosato 11-4 and Kisenosato 9-6. Ozeki Kotoshogiku loses 12-3. Former Ozeki Kotooshu retired at the last session (Mar 2014), due to his shoulder injury. Former Ozeki Baruto retired due to his knee injury on Sep 2013. 2014 Grand Sumo Nagoya Session (Aichi Taikukan 7/13-27) -Daily changes Results.
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  • MMA-:UFC-Fight 175, The Women's Bantamweight champion Rond Rousey(USA) TKO over Alexis Davis (CAN) 1st rd 0:16sec. UFC Middlweweight Ryoto Machida (UFC 21-5) loses to Chris Weidman (UFC 12-0) by decision 5th rd. Mandalay Bay, LV. USA 7/05/2014
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  • MMA-:New MMA Organization start by Genki Sudo and Rickson Gracie. Event name is" REAL FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP " . Rickson's son Kron Gracie will fight their first event in Japan. Tokyo Japan (5/26/2014 )
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  • MMA-:UFC-Fight 173, The Bantamweight championships T.J.Dillashaw (10-2-0) wins over Renan Barao by TKO 5rd 2:26sec and The lightheavyweight, Dan Henderson (UFC 7-6) loses by Daniel Cormier Rear naked chock, 3rd 3:53sec. Robbie Lawler wins over Jake Ellenberger 3rd 3:06sec. MGM Grand, LV. USA 5/24/2014
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  • SUMO Summer Session Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho defeats Harumafuji for 14-1 to captures 29th session title and Yokozuna Harumafuji ends up 11-4. New Yokozuna Kakuryu loses by Ozeki Kisenosato for 9-6 and Kisenosato 13-2 to second the best record. Kotoshogiku loses by Goeido for 5-10. Goeido wins 8-7 to recieve the most inspirational award. Former Ozeki Kotooshu retired at the last session (Mar 2014), due to his shoulder injury. Former Ozeki Baruto retired due to his knee injury on Sep 2013. 2014 Grand Sumo Summer Session (Tokyo Kokugikan hall. 5/11-25) -Daily changes Results.
  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-: US Sr. National Judo Championships- Beijing Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii (Jpn) looses the match in the 3rd round by New penalty rule. Ishii lost two years in row by Tokuzo Takahashi with same penalty. ( Reno Nevada, 5/3-4 /2014)

  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-: All Japan Judo Championships- New face Takeshi Ojitani (21yrs) of Tokai Univ student wins the title over London Olympic contender Taiki Kawakami (24yrs) by powerful Osotogari throw. All Japan open weight Judo Championships.( Budokan Tokyo, 4/29 /2014)

  • MMA-:UFC-Fight Night-38, The lightheavyweight. Dan Henderson(UFC 7-5) TKO on 1:31sec 3rd rd victory over Shogun Rua (UFC 6-7) in Natal, Brazil. . Ginasio Nelio Dias in Natal, BRA 3/24/2014
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  • SUMO Spring Osaka Session Day- 15: Ozeki Kakuryu wins over Kotoshogiku for 14-1 to captures spring session title and reaching to the Yokozuna rank. Kotoshogiku end up 8-7. Yokozuna Hakuho loses by rival Harumafuji for 12-3 and Harumafuji also end up 12-3. Ozeki Kisenosato loses by sekiwake Goeido for 9-6. Sekiwake Kotooshu announced of retirement at 12th day, due to his shoulder injury and he feels limit of his career. He ends up record of 1W-10L. Former Ozeki Baruto retired due to his knee injury on Sep 2013. 2014 Grand Sumo Spring Osaka Session (Oasak Gymnasium. 3/09-23) -Daily changes Results.
  • SUMO New Year Session Day- Final: Yokozuna Hakuho wins 15-0. Kotooshu loses 8-7. Ozeki Kisenosato loses 7-8 and Kakuryu wins 14-1. Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku wins 9-6. Yokozuna Harumafuji withdraw this session due the injury. Former Ozeki Baruto retired due to his knee injury on Sep 2013. 2013 Grand Sumo New Year Session (Kokugikan, Tokyo. 1/12-26) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-:Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye-2013 Japan, Olympic Judo champ Satoshi Ishii challenge IGF title match against champion Kazuyuki Fujita on Dec 31st in Tokyo Japan. Ishii wins heavyweight title by decision to become New champion. Other former Judoka Shinya Aoki also defeats Toshi by Triangle choke within 49sec in the 1st round. (Kokugikan Hall. Tokyo 12/31/2013)
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  • MMA-:UFC-168, The UFC middleweight & Women's -135lb title match. New Champion Chris Weidman (11-0, USA) wins over former champion Anderson Silva (33-6, BRA) in the 2nd round 3:44 sec by TKO broken leg. In the Women's -135lb title match Judo Champ Ronda Rousey (8-0) beats Misha Tate(13-5) with Jujigatame arm bar in the 3rd round 4:02 sec to defend the title. (MGM Grand Las Vegas NV. USA 12/28/2013)
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  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-: Former two times Olympic gold medalist Masato Uchishiba of Japan sentenced 5 years in prison on Dec 11. He was convicted by rape for his female student. Olympic winner sentenced 5 yrs.( Tokyo 12/11, 2013)
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  • News FLASH!!! JUDO-: Japan dominate with total 11 Gold led by new -60kg World champion Naohisa Takato, followed by Korea, Netherlands and Czech with one gold each.Grand Slam Tokyo. ( Tokyo JPN, 11/29-12/01, 2013)

  • News FLASH! Local Obituary-:The Northglenn Judo Club Head Instructor Dr. Dennis "Doc" McGuire passed away. He has been battle with cancer and the West Nile virus. Funeral services announcements will be forthcoming. The passing of Dr. Dennis "Doc" McGuire ( Denver Co, 9/9, 2013)

  • News FLASH!!! Olympic to TOKYO-:IOC president Jacques Rogge announces the winner of the bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, Tokyo to host 2020 Olympic Games ( Buenos Aires, 9/7, 2013)

    News FLASH!!! JUDO-:New AJJF (All Japan Judo Federation) investigating Tenri university Judo team power harassment case. Former World champion and director Shozo Fujii may resign his position. TERI University Power harassment Case (Tenri, JPN 9/4, 2013)

    JUDO-:2013 Rio World Judo Championships Day -6. Teddy RINER (FRA) captures his sixth world title at Rio de Janeiro. He swept past Olympic bronze medallist and world number one rated Rafael SILVA (BRA) with full point. In the -100kg, Azerbaijan's Elkhan MAMMADOV defeats Olympic 3rd place winner Henk GROL(NED) for the first World gold to his country. In the Women's +78kg, Olympic champion Idalys ORTIZ (CUB) showed her superiority at Rio's World again, she overcome Brazil’sand Japan world number one Maria Suelen ALTHEMAN (BRA) in the final, ORTIZ defeats ALTHEMAN for the Gold. (Rio 8/31st,2013) Georgia wins Men's title and Japan captures women's World team gold.(9/ 01,2013) 2013 World Judo Championships (Rio de Janero, 8/26-9/1, 2013)

    JUDO-:2013 Rio World Judo Championships day-4 & 5. Finally France captures their first gold by Junior world champ PIETRI, Loic over Georgian TCHRIKISHVILI Avtandili. In the women's division, GERBI Yarden defeats French top contender AGBEGNENOU, Clarisse with surprise shimewaza (choke) to captures the first gold medal for Israel. 2013 Rio World Judo Championships day-5. Gold medals spread to three countries. Men's -90kg division wins by GONZALEZ, Asley (CUB) and women's -70kg crown recaptures by 2011 World champ ALVEAR, Yuri (COL) and -78kg title goes to unexpected North Korean SOL, Kyong (PRK). Competition is continues.(Rio 8/29-30th,2013) 2013 World Judo Championships (Rio de Janero, 8/26-9/1, 2013)

    JUDO-:2013 Rio World Judo Championships Day 2-3. Japan captures two more gold Men's-66kg by Masashi Ebinuma and -73kg with new comer Shohei Ono. In the women's divisions, Brazilian Rafaela Silva wins first gold for the hosting country and US. Marti Malloy takes Silver -57kg. (Rio 8/28th,2013) 2013 World Judo Championships (Rio de Janero, 8/26-9/1, 2013)

    JUDO-:2013 Rio World Judo Championships Day-1. Japan captures Mens-60kg gold by TAKATO Naohisa and Womens-48kg title went to Mongolian MUNKHBAT Urantsetseg (MGL) in the opening day. President Marius Vizer was re-elected for another four years at the IJF Congress in Rio de Janeiro on Friday. (Rio 8/23rd,2013) 2013 World Judo Championships (Rio de Janero, 8/26-9/1, 2013)

    News FLASH!!! JUDO- : AJJF (All Japan Judo Federation)fresh starts with new president Shoji Muneoka (67 yrs old) from Shin-Nittetsu Sumitomo (Iron Co) CEO and Vice president Yasuhiro Yamashita (1984 LA Olympic gold medalist) with Yasuhiro Chikaishi (64yrs old) executive director. Former AJJF president Haruki Uemura (62yrs old) and 23 boards members include two vice president, executive committee director and head office director to resigned on August 21, 2013. New President Muneoka also mentions to denies Mr.Uemura to be a IJF board member from Japan. New AJJF (All Japan Judo Federation) fresh start!. (Tokyo, 8/21/2013)

    News FLASH!!! JUDO- : AJJF (All Japan Judo Federation) president Haruki Uemura (62yrs old) announced to resign and all his top five cabinet members in August 2013. which include two vice president, executive committee director and head office director. but he is remain in Kodokan president. Finally resign! AJJF president and top executive (Kodokan, 7/30/2013)

  • News FLASH!!! JUDO- : AJJF (All Japan Judo Federation) Men's team Head coach Kosei Inoue told media that AJJF will propose to eliminate some IJF New rule before their final decision on September 1st. Head coach Inoue pointed that the new rule shows that the player who touch below the belt will disqualify for the competition. He think that is unfair rule and It's not right. AJJF propose to change the IJF New rule (Tokyo 7/27/2013)

  • News FLASH!!! JUDO- : Finally! AJJIF (All Japan Judo Federation) president Haruki Uemura (62Yrs) received resignation recommendation notice by under the prime minister Shinzo Abe's name. It said quickly complete this recommendation before end of August 2013. Japanese government hand out resignation notice to AJJF president (7/23/2013)

  • SUMO Nagoya Session Day- 15: Yokozuna Hakuho Loses by Harumafuji for 13-2 but he wins the Nagoya session title for the 26th times. Yokozuna Harumafuji wins for 10-5 finish. Ozeki Kotooshu loses again by Kakuryu to end up 9-6 and Kotoshogiku wins over Kisenosato for 9-6. Ozeki Kisenosato finish11-4 and no hope for Yokozuna rank for the next session. Kakuryu wins for 10-5 finish. 2013 Grand Sumo Nagoya Session (Aichi-Ken Gym, Nagoya 7/07-21) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO- : 2013 USA Judo Jr. Olympic attract over 800 contestants at Irving Texas on 6/ 28-30. USJF/ USJA Jr. Nationals competes over 500 players at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh Pa on 7/ 5-7. 2013 USA Jr. Olympic & USJF/USJA Jr. Nationals.

  • MMA-:UFC-162, The UFC middleweight title match Champion Anderson Silva (33-5, BRA) got knocked out by challenger Chris Weidman (10-0, USA) in the 2nd round 1:18 sec for the big upset. (MGM Grand Las Vegas NV. USA 7/06/2013)
  • JUDO- : All Japan Judo Federation and Kodokan President Haruki Uemura Resign? (Kodokan,Tokyo. 6/24, 2013)

  • BJJ: 2013 BJJ World JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP Men's Absolute Div title to Marcus V.O. Almeida and Women's Crown to Gabrielle L. Garcia at Cal State Long Beach Ca. USA(5/29 - 6/2 ,2011).

  • SUMO Summer Session Last day- 15: Yokozuna Hakuho beats Yokozuna Harumafuji for 15-0 records to wins the 25th session title and Harumafuji end up 11-4. Ozeki Kisenosato loses again by Kotoshogiku for 13-2 and Kotoshogiku 11-4 record. Ozeki Kotooshu wins over Kakuryu for 8-7 to keep Ozeki rank and Kakuryu 10-5 to finish the session. Former Ozeki Baruto withdraw due to the knee injury on Day 08 for 3-5 . 2013 Grand Sumo Summer Session (Kokugikan Hall,Tokyo 5/12-26) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO- : . Former World and All Japan judo champion Takamasa Anai 28 yers old from Tenri university recaptures All Japan title again over young Hisayoshi Harasawa 20 yers old student from Nihonn University by decision. Hara is new commer and this is his first appearance in All Japan Judo Championships. 2013 All Japan Judo Championships (Budokan,Tokyo. 4/29, 2013)

  • MMA-:UFC-159, UFC Lightheavy weight title match Champion John Jones (25) 6'4", 205lb 18-1, beats Sonnen (36) 6'1", 205lb 28-13-1, to defend title in the 1st round. (Prudential Center NJ. 4/26/2013)
  • JUDO- : All Japan Judo Federation President Haruki Uemura(62) may resign his position in June. Due to the AJF's improper public fund usege and AJF coaches power harasment to their women's team. An appointed invetigation team anonunced that AJF was directry involved with this matter on April 26th. (Kodokan,Tokyo. 4/26, 2013)

  • JUDO- : 2013 US.National Judo Championships- 2008 Beijing Olympic Judo champion Satoshi Ishii (Jpn) and now pro-MMA fighter competes US.National Judo +100kg but he disqulified due to the new IJF rules. In the finals of +100kg division Tenri university graduates Takahashi steps in uchimata throw, Ishishii blocked by his hand but that is the penalty for the disqulification. Ishii said " this is not Judo which I competed before, It's no longer same sports". There are many people leave judo for this same reasons. 2013 US.Sr.National Judo Championships (Virginia Beach VA. 4/13-14, 2013)

  • SUMO Spring Session Day- 15(Last Day): Yokozuna Hakuho beats Harumafuji with swing throw for the perfect score 15-0 to captures the 24th session titles. Yokozuna Harumafuji ends up 9-6. Ozeki Kisenosato wins over Kakuryu for 10-5 and Kakuryu 8-7. Former Ozeki Baruto defeats Kotoshogiku 9-6 and Kotoshogiku 8-7. Ozeki Kotooshu withdraw on the day 6th with 1-5 record. 2013 Grand Sumo Spring Session (Osaka 3/10-24) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-:UFC-157, Beijing Olympic Judo Bronze medalist Ronda Rousey become 1st UFC Women's champion over Challenger Liz Carmouche with armbar 4:49 sec in the 1st Round at Honda Center Anaheim Ca. (2/23/2013)
  • JUDO-Obituary : American women's Judo pioneer and from Kodokan Japan. Keiko Fukuda (10th dan, 9th dan Kodokan) passed away on February 9th at her home in San francisco Ca. She was 99 years old ( Apr 12,1913 - Feb 09, 2013)10 th Dan Judo Pioneer Died

  • JUDO- : France lead 5 Gold medals by Olympic Champ Teddy Riner and Japan follow with 4 Gold medals by two times World women's champion H.Asami. Canadian -70kg K. Zupancic caputures silver in the women's division. 2013 Grand Slam Paris (Paris 2/8-10, 2013)

  • JUDO- : Tokyo - AJJF (All Japan Judo Federation) women's team coach Ryuji Sonoda and director of the commission Kazuo Yoshimura resign their position, due to the 15 top Japanese womens Judo team members complain their power harassment by coaches before the Londo Olympic. They send a letter to JOC (Japanese Olympic committee). It will be spreding resignation to the top of AJJF officials icluding the president. (Tokyo 2/04, 2013)

  • SUMO New Year Session Last Day- 15: Yokozuna Hakuho loses by new Yokozuna Harumafuji with yorikiri (push out) 12-3, Harumafuji wins the session title with 15-0. Ozeki Kotooshu wins over Kisenosato for 10-5, Kisenosato also 10-5. Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku wins over Kakuryu for 8-7 and Kakuryu 8-7 record. Former Ozeki Baruto wins 8-7. 2013 Grand Sumo New Year Session (Tokyo 1/13-27) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-:Beijing Olympic Judo Champ : Ishii wins over UFC Champ Tim Silva In 2012 (12/31).
  • JUDO- : IJF New Rules 2013-2016 More cofusion???? and less Excitment !!!!!! (12/10 / 2012)

  • JUDO- : 2012 Tokyo Grand Slam - Japan's new coach Inoue leads 4 out of 7 weight divisions for the gold and Korea took the rest of -81kg, -90kg and +100kg divisions. Japanese Women's team dominate the entire weight divisions except -70kg, French takes Gold. (Tokyo Yoyogi Gym11/30-12/ 02, 2012)

  • SUMO Kyushu Session last Day- 15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over new Yokozuna Harumafuji 14-1 to captures 23rd session titles. Harumafuji end up 9-6. Ozeki Kisenosato loses by Kakuryu 10-5 and Ozeki Kakuryu 9-6 record , Kotooshu wins 9-6 over Toyohibiki and Kotoshogiku loses by Goeido 8-7. Sekiwake Goeido 11-4 record. Ozeki Baruto withdrow on Day 3 due to his knee injury 1-2 and he degrade to Sekiwake rank in the next New Year sessions which will be open on Jan 2013. 2012 Grand Sumo Kyushu Session (Fukuoka 11/11-25) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO- : 2012 Grand Masters - Russia Strengthens Hold At Grand Masters World Championships In Miami (11/8-11/ 2012)

  • JUDO- : .Russia wins men's team title over Japan 3-2 and Japan captures womens team title over China with 3-2 2012 World Judo Team Championships (Salvador BRA 10/27-28/ 2012)

  • SUMO Fall Session Day- 15: Yokozuna Hakuho loses by Ozeki Harumafuji for 13-2. Harumafuji captures session title with 15-0 and grab the Yokozuna highest Rank. Other Ozeki Kakuryu beats Kisenosato for 11-4 and Kisenosato ends up 10-5. Ozeki Kotooshu withdrow on Day 7th (injured 2-4,), Kotoshogiku withdrow on Day 5th (injured 2-2,) and Baruto withdrow on Day 5th (injured 1-3,). Next Kyushu session will be on 11/11-25. 2012 Grand Sumo Fall Session (Tokyo 9/09-23) -Daily changes Results.
  • OLYMPIC TAEKWONDO- : Spain and China Led Medal Count. Korea, Turkey Follow London Olympic-Excel Arena (8/05-8/12/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC WRESTLING- :London Olympics - The final medal count at the London Olympics ended with Russia dominating wresting with 4 gold, 2 silver, and 5 bronze medals. The Russian team won two Greco-Roman and two Freestyle divisions gold medals. .....More London Olympic-Excel Arena (8/05-8/12/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- : US. -73kg judo fighter Nick Delpopolo test positive for pot. Delppolo finished 7th on Day 3rd. London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 6: London Olympic Men's -100kg, IJF rank 4th Sergei Samoilovich's (RUS) alternate Tagir Khaibulaev upset 2008 Olympic champ Tuvshinbayar Naidan (MGL) by shoulder throw (seoinage) for full point victory. This is third gold medals for the Russia and president Putin congratulate him at the Excel Arena. Japan's hope Takamasa Anai loses in the 2nd round. In the women's -78kg, World champion Kayla Harrison (USA) defeats new comer Gemma Gibbons (GBR) with major hip throw (yuko point) to dominate the final match. Her Olympic gold medal is the first time ever for the US. Judo history. London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 5: London Olympic Men's -90kg, IJF rank 11th K.W. Lee's (KOR) alternate Dae-Nam Song upset IJF rank 5th Asley Gonzalez (CUB) for the Gold. No. 1 rank former Olympic champ Ilias Iliadis (GRE) settles 3rd. In the Women's -70kg, Beijing Olympic -63kg Silver medalist Lucie Decosse (FRA) captures Gold over Kerstin Thiele (GER). London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 4: London Olympic Men's -81kg, World champion IJF rank 2nd Jae-Bum KIM (KOR) takes Gold over Ole BISCHOF (GER). US. hope Travis Stevens place 5th. In the Women -63kg, IJF rank no. 1 and World champion Yoshie Ueno (JPN) place 3rd. IJF rank no 3rd Urska Zolnir (SLO) captures Gold over Xu Lili (CHI) IJF rank 5th. London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 3: London Olympic Men's -73kg, IJF rank 8th Mansur Isaev (RUS) upset no 1. rank Riki Nakaya (JPN) by point (Yuko) to gets second Gold for Russia. US. contender Nicholas Delpopolo is 7th. In the Women's -57kg division World champion Kaori Matsumoto (JPN) finally captures Gold for Japan. US Marti Malloy wins Bronze medal. London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 2: London Olympic Men's -66kg, IJF rank 17th Lasha SHAVDATUASHVILI (GEO) defeats IJF rank 29th Miklos UNGVARI (HUN) in the final for the gold. IJF rank 4th Ebinuma (JPN) barely made Bronze Medal. In the women's -52kg division, Beijing Olympic Silver medalist , Kum Ae AN (PRK) captures Gold over Yanet BERMOY (CUB) London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 1:London Olympic Men's -60kg, Russian Arsen Galstyan takes Gold over Japan's Hiroaki Hiraoka by full point (Ippon, soto-makikomi). Women's -48kg,Sarah Menezes(Bra) defeats Beijig Olympic champ Alina Dumitru(Rou) for the gold. Japan's Fukumi place 5th. London Olympic -Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • MMA-: UFC-148 : UFC champion Anderson Silva (Bra, 15-0) defend his title over Chael Sonnen (USA, 6-5) 2R 1:55sec TKO. (7/07/2012).
  • JUDO-: 2012 President's Cup Judo Championships- Total 263 contestant compete at Marriot hotel in Irvine Ca on June 9-10. This US "C" level tournament atract top US players. Veteran Katie Sell from OTC won the title -70kg and Japan's Tokuzo Takahashi captured gold at -100kg division and Victor Hyun (Bunasawa-kai) took 3rd. Irvine Ca (6/09-10/2012)

  • SUMO Day-Final: Kyokutenho (37 yrs old ) steal the session tile with 12-3 over Tochiozan in the fight off match,both Maegashira rank (lowest rank).Yokozuna Hakuho loses by Harumafuji for 10-5. Harumafuji 8-7. Ozeki Baruto beats Kisenosato for 9-6, Kisenosato just missed fight off with 11-4 and Kotoshogiku wins 10-5. Other Ozeki Kotooshu whithdraw last day and 8-7 record. 2012 Grand Sumo Summer Session (Tokyo 5/06-20) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: 2012 All Japan Weightlimit Judo Championships- AJJF select 14 Olympic players --90kg Winner & 2012 All Japan Open weight Champ Hirotaka Kato (26yrs) and Veteran +100kg Keiji Suzuki both out of selection. World champion -48kg Tomoko Fukumi and -100kg Takamasa Anai selected team. Kokusai center, Fukuoka,JPN (5/12-13/2012)

  • JUDO-: 2012 All Japan Judo Championships- None Olympic selected player -93kg Hirotaka Kato (26yrs) from Chiba state Police steal the All Japan open weight title. Olympic coach Shinohara embarrassed. Budokan, Tokyo (4/29/2012)

  • SUMO Day-Final: Yokozuna Hakuho catch up sekiwake Kakury to wins the session title with 13-2, Ozeki Baruto loses 10-5, Harumafuji wins 11-4 and Kisenosato loses 9-6 and Kotooshu loses 8-7, Kotoshogiku wins 9-6 and Sekiwake Kakuryu loses tie break match against Hakuho for 13-2. 2012 Grand Sumo Spring Session (Osaka 3/11-25) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-: UFC-144 : UFC Lightweight Benson Henderson 3-0 decision over Champ Frankie Edgar for the title at Saitama Japan. Judoka Y.Akiyama loses by Strike force champ J.Shields. R.Bader defeats veteran Rampage Jackson. (Feb/26/2012).
  • JUDO-:Paris Grand Slam Int'nl- Japan womens team dominate with 5 gold/ German Int'nl-spred gold to Japan W-2,Slovenia W-2,and Korea M-2, Germany M-2. US. World champ K.Harrison takes Gold -78kg Paris (2/04-05/2012)/Dusseldorf (2/18-19/2012)

  • MMA-: UFC-143 : UFC Welterweight Carlos Condit decision over Nick Diaz at Mandarey Bay (Feb/04/2012,LV).
  • JUDO-: US. National Level-D San Jose Buddest tournament atract over five hundred contestant. San Jose,CA (1/29/2012)

  • MMA-: UFC-142 : UFC Lighthevyweight Rashad Evans wins by decision to Phil Davis at the United Center in Chicago. (Jan/28/2012,Il).
  • JUDO-Obituary :Ramon Rivera, former member of Gardena Judo Club and currently with Heart Judo in Arizona, passed away from cancer on Jan 23,2012. Funeral is scheduled on 1/27/2012 Arizona (1/23/2012)

  • SUMO Final Day: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Ozeki Baruto but Baruto capturs first session title with 14-1 record. Hakuho 12-3. Ozeki Koto-Oshu loses 10-5 by Kisenosato 11-4 and Harumafuji loses 11-4 by Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku 8-7 record. 2012 Grand Sumo New Year Session (Tokyo 1/08-22) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-: IGA : former PRIDE Heavyweight Champ Fedor crashes Olympic Judo Champ Ishii within 154sec in the 1st round at Saitama Super Arena (Dec/31/2011,JPN)
  • MMA-: UFC 141 : UFC Heavweight Champ Brock Lesnar TKO loss by Alistair Overeem at LV USA. (Dec/30/2011,LV)
  • JUDO-: Grand Slam Tokyo (Kano Cup Judo Champion) Japan dominate Men's and Women's division except Men's -100kg and +100kg. World champ Anai placed only 3rd in-100kg. Japanese Women's team captured 6 gold medals except -63kg division. Tokyo,Japan (12/09/2011)

  • JUDO-: Two times Olympic Judo Champion Masato Uchishiba(33yrs old)is discharged from Kyushuu Kango Fukushi University. He was Judo team coach and associate professor. He is acused by under age female student for sextial hurrasment. Kumamoto, Japan (11/27/ 2011)

  • SUMO Final Day: Yokozuna Hakuho loses by Baruto but he captures 21 st Session victories with record of 14-1. Baruto is 11-4. Other Ozeki Harumafuji loses by Kotooshu and end up 8-7 and Kotooshu 9-6. New Ozeki Kotoshogiku wins over rival Sekiwake Kisenosato for 11-4 and Kisenosato 10-5 record. 2011 Grand Sumo Kyushu Session (Fukuoka 11/13-27) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-: UFC 137 : Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz defeats former UFC champ B.J.Penn by unonimous decision and Veteran Cro Cop TKO loss. at Mandalay Bay LV. (Oct/29/2011,LV)

  • MMA-: UFC 135 : MMA top contender Quinton Rampage Jackson defeated by Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones's dozzling submission.(Sep/24/2011,Pepsi Center, Denver Co.)
  • MMA-: DREAM 17-JPN : MMA legend vetera Kazushi Sakuraba tap out loss in the Second-round 2:42. Shinya Aoki's precision victory (Sep/24/2011,Saitama Super Arena, JPN)
  • SUMO Day-Final: Yokozuna Hakuho wins 13-2. Baruto wins 10-5. Other Ozeki Harumafuji loses 8-7. Sekiwake Kotoshogiku 12-3 and Kisenosato wins 12-3 record. Ozeki Kotooshu 1-6(withdraw in Day 7th), 2011 Grand Sumo Fall Session (Tokyo 9/11-25) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-:2011 World Judo Championships -Final Day: France shows the strength with four golds to comeback last day and they took Men and Women's two team titles over Japan and Brazile. Japan still lead the gold medal count with Five golds. UZB, KOR, Rus, Chi and Gre captures one gold each. Paris, France (8/23 -28th / 2011)

  • MMA-: STRIKEFORCE : Judo Champ Ronda Rousey Beats Sarah D'Alelio; Referee Steve Mazzagatti at Center of Controversy (Aug/12/2011)
  • JUDO-:Obituarese-Former USJA(US Judo Association) President Philip Porter passed away on Sunday Aug 7th./ Promotions- 98 years old women becomes first woman ever to earn Judo's highest rank 10th degree Red belt.-Keiko Fukuda sensei(8/08/ 2011 San Francisco)

  • SUMO-: Final day: Yokozuna Hakuho loses by Ozeki Baruto end up 12-3, Baruto 11-4. Ozeki Harumafuji loses last day 14-1 but he wins the second session titles. Ozeki Kotooshu loses 9-6 and Other veteran Ozeki Kaio retire on 11th days (3-7) but Kaio break the new record of the most wins 1047. (7/19) . 2011 Grand Sumo Nagoya Session (Nagoya 7/10-24) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-:2011 Brazil dominates the 2011 USA Judo World Cup.(7/2/ 2011 Miami FL)

  • BJJ: 2011 BJJ World JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP attracts total of 2300 competitors.Marcelo Garcia recaptures The World Title at Cal State Longbeach Ca.(Jun/2-5/2011).

  • SUMO Final Day: Yokozuna Hakuho loses 13-2. Ozeki Kotooshu loses 3-8(withdraws), Baruto loses 10-5. Other veteran Ozeki Kaio wins 9-6 and Harumafuji wins 10-5 record. 2011 Grand Sumo Special Session (Tokyo 5/08-22) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-:2008 Beijing Olympic Judo Champ and MMA Pro-fighter Satoshi ISHII from Japan Wins US.National Open Wt.(4/30/ 2011 Orland FL)

  • JUDO-: A Veteran Olympic Champ Keiji Suzuki Wins the 4th All Japan Titles at the Budokan Hall.(4/29/ 2011 Tokyo)

  • JUJITSU & JUDO-:Judo Master Nori Bunaswa 8th Dan demonstrate Judo & Jukkendo (Maeda style JiuJitsu founded by Nori Bunasawa) at EURO-ASIAN Martial Arts Summit in KAZAKHSTAN.(3/27-29 / 2011 Astana)-
  • BJJ: 2011 BJJ PAN-AM JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP attracts total of 2800 competitors at UC Irvine Ca.(Mar/24-27/2011).

  • MMA-: STRIKEFORCE World GP Championships : MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko TKO Lost again and Russian Sergei Kharitonov debut with a brutal, 2:49, first-round knockout.(Feb/12/2011,IZOD Center, East Rutherford,N.J.)
  • JUDO-:3 times World Champ Teddy Riner (FRA)revenge Daiki Kamikawa (JPN).US -70kg World champion Kayla Harrison place 5th at The Paris World Cup Invitational (2/5-6 /2011 Paris FRA)
  • SUMO: Yokozuna Hakuho said "We only can say,we are not doing" Due to the fixed fight in Sumo match scandal, All Japan Pro-Sumo Organization announced. 2011 Grand Sumo Spring Session is "CANCELLED" (Osaka 3 /13-27) -
  • MMA-: STRIKEFORCE World GP Championships : MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko Revenge Werdum? Top eights set at The World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament that begins on Saturday, Feb. 12, at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, N.J., live on SHOWTIME(10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast). (2/12/2011, NJ)
  • SUMO Final: Yokozuna Hakuho wins 14-1. Ozeki Kotooshu wins 10-5 Baruto loses 9-6. Other veteran Ozeki Kaio loses 9-6 and Harumafuji loses 8-7 record. 2011 Grand Sumo New Year Session (Tokyo 1/09-23) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-: STRIKEFORCE Challengers Jan 7th 2011 :Former US. Judo Champ Rhadi Ferguson (3-0) Victory over undefeated Ion Cherdivara(1-1) of Montreal Canada at Nashville Municipal Auditorium,Live on Show time. (1/07/2010 Nashville Tenn, USA)
  • MMA-: K-1 Dynamite Dec 31st 2010 :Olympic Champ Satoshi Ishii (6-1) wins over K-1 Fighter Jerome Le Banner with 3-0 decision. Judoka Aoki was knockout loss. (12/31/2010 Saitama JPN)
  • SUMO Final Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins Session Title over Toyonoshima at fight off with 14-1 record. Ozeki Kotooshu 8-7 and Baruto 11-4. Other veteran Ozeki Kaio 12-3 and Harumafuji withdraw at Day-4 with 0-4 record. Toyonoshima 14-1 and Kisenosato 7-8 recieves special awards. 2010 Grand Sumo Kyushu Session (Fukuoka 11/14-28) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-:3 times Olympic -60kg Judo Champion Tadahiro Nomura loses 2nd round at The Kodokan Cup. He may retire before London Olympic.(11/20-21 /2010 Chiba JPN)
  • BJJ: 2010 BJJ "NO-GI" World Championships attract 800 contestant at Cal.State Long Beach Ca. R.Lovoto wins World Title (11/07).
  • JUDO-: Int'l : 7 times World & Olympic Judo Champion Ryoko Tani & Masato Uchishiba Bowing out (10/15/2010 Tokyo)
  • SUMO Day-15, Final day: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Ozeki Harumafuji for 15-0 perfect record to captures the record of 4th cosecutive session title, Harumafuji barely made 8-7 more win than lose and Ozeki Kotooshu beats rival Baruto 10-5, Baruto ends up with 9-6. Other veteran Ozeki Kaio loses for 8-7. 2010 Grand Sumo Fall Session (Tokyo 9/12-26) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: Day-5 : Japan captures record 10 Golds to finish the at The World Championships in Tokyo. Daiki Kamikawa(Jpn) upsets three times World champion Teddy Riner(Fra)for the gold and Japan's New commer Mika Sugimoto takes two gold in Ope & +78kg.(9/13 JPN)
  • JUDO-: Int'l : 1964 Tokyo Olympic Judo Champ Anton Geesink(Hol) passed away on Aug 27 at Utrecht hospital,age at 76. He was first none Japanese ever to wins the Olympic Judo gold medal. (8/27 Hol)
  • JUDO-: Int'l : 2010 1st World Cup Judo Championships In U.S.-(Miami,FL 8/27,28)
  • JUDO-: Day-5 : Japan captures record 10 Golds to finish the at The World Championships in Tokyo. Daiki Kamikawa(Jpn) upsets three times World champion Teddy Riner(Fra)for the gold and Japan's New commer Mika Sugimoto takes two gold in Ope & +78kg.(9/13 JPN)
  • JUDO-: Day-4 : Japan add another 3 Golds by -66kg dark horse Junpei morishita, -48kg up set by Haruna Asami and -52kg Yuka Nishida. 60kg title went to Riohod Sobirov (Uzb) at The World Championships in Tokyo. (9/12 JPN)
  • JUDO-: Day-3 : Japan add 3 more Gold by -73kg Hiroyuki Akimoto, -57kg Kaori Matsumoto and -63kg Yoshie Ueno at The World Championships in Tokyo. (9/11 JPN)
  • JUDO-: Day-2 : France captures 2nd Gold by -70kg Lucie Decosse at The World Championships in Tokyo. Korea's kim jae-Bum wins -81kg gold and veteran Ilias Iliadis(Gre)captures 2nd World titles in -90kg. (9/10 JPN)
  • SUMO- Final Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho beats Ozeki Baruto for 15-0 to captures the session title and Baruto 8-7. Ozeki Harumafuji wins over Kotooshu for 10-5 and Kotooshu also 10-5 finish.(Kaio withdraw). 2010 Nagoya Session (Nagoya 7/11-25) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: Int'l : Olympic Judo Champ Ryoko Tani (32) wins the election for Japan Congress (7/11 JPN)
  • SUMO-: Ozeki Kotomitsuki illegal gambling, discharge by Sumo Association (Tokyo 7/03)
  • JUDO-: USA : The First Annual USJF / USJA Jr National Judo Championships attract 915 contestants at UC Irvine,Bren Center. (7/3-4 CA)
  • MMA-: San Jose Ca : STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight World Champion Fedor spectacular upset. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Fabricio Werdum wins with a 1:09, first-round submission (triangle choke) over the world's No. 1 Fedor on Saturday, June 26, HP Pavilion.(6/ 26)
  • JUDO-: INT'L/USA : Obituary IJF Sports Director F. Besson Died / 3 Local Californians: S. Okada, C. Fuertsch, G. Kakita Pass Away (6/23 CA)
  • MMA-: STRIKEFORCE Los Angeles Ca :Babalu (36-8) Wins Main Event / Cyborg Knocks Out Zaromskis! (6/16 LA)
  • BJJ: 2010 BJJ World Championships attract 2000 contestant at Cal.State Long Beach Ca. Roger Gracie wins 3rd World Title (6/03-06).
  • JUDO-:USA Judo: USA Judo Adds Ju-Jitsu to National Tournaments
  • MMA-: DREAM-14 Saitama JPN :Ralek Gracie Defeats K. Sakuraba / N. "Kid" Yamamoto Beats K. Lopez! (5/29 JPN)
  • SUMO- Last Day: Yokozuna Hakuho wins 15-0. Ozeki Harumafuji loses again 9-6 Kotomitsuki wins 9-6, Baruto loses 10-5, Kotooshu loses 9-6 & Kaio wins 9-6. Sekiwake Kisenosato loses 8-7. Aran & Tochinoshin get outstanding award.No one for other awards. 2010 Sammer Session (Tokyo 5/09-23) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: Men's -81kg T. Stevens(Ma)and Women's -70kg R. Rousey(CA) wins 2010 US.Sr.National title. 2008 olympic bronze medalist Rousey re-captured crown after 1 year 1/2 off of competition. Stevens and Rousey both compete at World in Tokyo on Sep.(5/03,Myrtle Beach)
  • JUDO-: New commer Kazuhiko Takahashi(25yrs) captures All Japan Judo Championships Title. Takahashi upsets All Japan champ Anai and Olympic champion Keiji Suzuki.(4/29,Tokyo)
  • MMA-: Nashville Tenn : STRIKEFORCE World Championship Tripleheader- JAKE SHIELDS Upsets DAN HENDERSON, KING MO Captured Heavyweight title Over GEGARD MOUSASI of Netherlands, GILBERT MELENDEZ Defend Lightweight title against SHINYA AOKI of Japan. At Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. (3/ 17)
  • BJJ: 2010 BJJ Pan-Am Championships attract 2850 contestant at UC. Irvine Ca (4/08-11).
  • SUMO-Last Day 15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Harumafuji with 15-0 record to wins the 13th session titles and Ozeki Harumafuji is 10-5. Kotooshu beat veteran Kaio for 10-5 and kaio end up 8-7. up comming Sekiwake Baruto defeats Kotomitsuki to keep 14-1 record and he captured the best tequnic & the inspirationa award and Ozeki Kotomitsuki is 9-6. Other Sekiwake Kisenosato wins with 9-6. 2010 Osaka Session (Osaka 3/14-28) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: World German Grand Prix Int'nl. Japan dominate Women's Division Again with 4 gold. Men's Division gold medal spread out through Japan and Mongolia for 2 and other 3 countries UKR,KOR and EGY share one. US Kayla Harrison took -78kg 3rd.(3/1.Dusseldorf,GER)
  • JUDO-: World 2009 PARIS Int'nl. Paris Grand Slam Championships. Japanese Women Dominate With Four Golds, Korean Men Lead With Two Gold. Travis Stevens (-81kg, US) Wins Bronze. (2/6-7,FRA)
  • SUMO-: Yokozuna Asashoryu force to retire! with his assault scandal on 1/16th during New Year sessions. ( Tokyo 2/4/2010)
  • SUMO-Last Day: Yokozuna Hakuho beats Asashoryu by push down (Yoritaoshi)techniques end up 12-3 but Asashoryu wins the 25th session titles with 13-2. Ozeki Kotooshu beats Harumafuji with swing throw(Sukuinage) 9-6 and Harumafuji 10-5. Other Ozeki Kaio wins 9-6 and Sekiwake Baruto receive the outstanding award with 12-3. Aminishiki wins the best technical award 11-4 and the inspirational award 12-3 to Toyohibiki Kotomitsuki withdraw 1-7. Sekiwake Chiyotaikai withdraw at 4th days and announced to retire from competition. 2010 New Year Session (Kokugikan, Tokyo 1/10-24) -Daily changes Results.
  • MMA-: MMA,New Year Eve Special events,"FielDS DYNAMITE". 2008 Olympic Judo champ: Satoshi Ishii vs Hidehiko Yoshida battle. Yoshida wins by 3-0 decision and another Olympic Judo silver medalist Hiroshi Izumi's debut match, Izumi wins by decision and other Judo man Sokoju loses agin infront of 45,000 fans at Saitama Super Arena. (12/ 31, Saitama JPN)
  • MMA-: The new MMA Strikeforce Results: Scott �Hands Of Steel�� Smith rallied to knock out Cung Le, Gilbert Melendez regained the STRIKEFORCE lightweight world title. (12/ 19, San Jose)
  • JUDO-: World Paris Open Int'nl. Japan dominate Women's Division with 4 out of 7 weight classes. Men's Division gold medal spread out through the 6 countries. +100kg champion Teddy Riner (FRA) captured gold again! on 2010.(2/7,8)
  • JUDO-Local: NANKA S-Cal Judo official Roy Murakami (7th dan) past away on Dec 19th. Servic will be held on Dec 29th at Honganji Temple, 9450 Remick ave Pacoima, Ca 91331(12/19,Pacoima Ca)
  • SUMO-Day 15, Last Day: Yokozuna Hakuho beats Asashoryu 15-0 perfect score to wins the session title and Asashoryu loses again for 11-4 finishes, Ozeki Kotooshu loses by Harumafuji for 10-5 and Harumafuji end up 9-6. Kaio bets Kotomitsuki 8-7 and Kototomitsuki end with 8-7. Kyushu-Basho (Kyushu kokusai Center 11/15-29) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: News, 1988 Olympic Coach Rusty Kanokogi Passes Away at age of 74 following a battle with cancer. (11/21: NY, USA)
  • MMA-: The new MMA Strikeforce Results: King of MMA Fedor knock out Rogers in the 2nd round & Champion Mousasi TKO over Sokoujou (Nov 7, Chicago)
  • JUDO-: News, IJF continue to test the New rules. New rules will applies on Grand Prix Abu Dhabi,Qingdao, World Cup Suwon and Grand Slam Tokyo before final decisions.(11/08,)
  • JUDO-: News,The former IJF president Park Young-Sung is dead. Park was found dead on Nov 3 at his home, apparently suicide. (11/03: Seoul, S-Korea)
  • SUMO-Final Day 15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Asashoryu 14-1 tie but Fight off, Asashoryu come back to defeats Hakuho for the session title victory. Ozeki Kotooshu beat Harumafuji and both end up 9-6 records. Other Ozeki Kaio win over Kotomitsuki for 8-7 and Kotomitsuki 9-6. Baruto wins Inspirational award with 12-3 and Kakuryu wins the best techniques award. Fall Session. (Kokugikan Tokyo. 9/13-21) -Daily changes Results.
  • JUDO-: 2009 US. Open Judo Championships: Day-1: Resultsu. Day-2 Results: Men's -73kg, 2009 World champ H.Tsagaanbaatar(MGL), Open I.Kostadinov(USA), -66kg R.Valderrama(VEN), -60kg I.Nour(FRA), -55kg M.Medrano(PUR). Women's -57kg M.Malloy (USA), -52kg J.Rodriguez(USA), -48k K.Bouyssou(USA), -44kg T.Ibera(USA). (9/27: San Jose,Ca USA)
  • MMA-: MMA NEWS, Beijing Olympic Judo Champion Ishii "Debut" at Sengoku MMA Event in Japan (9/12)
  • JUDO- : US&CAN/Local- OBITUARYLA: Canadian Judo pioneer Yoshi Senda of Lethbridge passed away on Sep 9th (9/11).Tenri Dojo instructor Jiro Morishita passed away on Aug 30th and Mr. Haruo Imamura's (Fresno Judo Club) wife Sumiko Imamura died auto accident on Aug 24th (8/31)
  • JUDO-: 2009 World Judo Championships: Japanese women team took three golds and Korean Men's team captured Two golds to lead Two times Men's -66kg Olympic Gold medalist Japan's Uchishiba lost and Japan ending up no gold since 1956 World. French +100kg World Champ Teddy Riner wins second World tittles (8/31:Rotterdam)
  • JUDO-: 2009 World Judo Championships will be held at Ahoy Indoor Hall, in Rotterdam Holland on Aug 26-30th. New IJF rules prohibit to use double & Single leg throw at Jr. World????. (8/24)
  • MMA-: MMA NEWS, World's NO.1 MMA Fighter Fedor "SIGNS" with Strikeforce and Showtime (8/3)
  • SUMO- Final Day 15: Yokozuna Hakuho beat rival Asashoryu 14-1 to wins the Session Title, Asashoryu finish 10-5. Ozeki Kotooshu wins over Harumafuji 12-3 and Harumafuji finish with 9-6, Kotomitsuki beat Kaio 12-3. Vetera Kaio and Chyotaikai both finish with 8-7 at Nagoya Session: (7/12-26. -Daily changes Results)
  • MMA-: UFC-100, Brock Lesner defended his heavyweight title against Frank Mir. George St. Pierre also defended his welterweight title over Thiago Alves. Dan Henderson knocked out Micheal Bisping in the middleweight battle. (7/11 LV).
  • MMA-: Beijing Olympic Judo Champ Japan's Ishii May Postpone Sengoku MMA Debut till November(6/28).
  • JUDO-: Dr. Sachio Ashida passed away at age 85. He had a massive heart attack on Jun 22nd at Brockport NY. He coached US team at 1976 Montreal Olympic and he was IJF A-Referee. (6/24)
  • BJJ: Roger Gracie Wins Open Weight Title at The World Jiujitsu Championships in Long Beach Ca (6/07).
  • MMA-: Unbeaten Rogers Ko's Former UFC Champ ARLOVSKI In 22 Seconds, Randleman in decision at Strikeforce in St. Louis, USA(6/06).
  • MA-Entertainment: Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok (6/4).
  • MMA-: Giant Hong-Man Choi knock out Jose Canseco Former MLB Player at Dream in Tokyo (5/30).
  • SUMO-Day 15: Tokyo Summer Session: Ozeki Harumafuji wins the session title. Yokozuna -Hakuho wins over Asashoryu for 14-1. Asashoryu 12-3. Ozeki Harumafuji beat Kotooshu 14-1. Kotoooshu 9-6, Kaio loses 8-7. Other ozeki Chiyotaikai & Kotomitsuki both wins 8-7. Tie break- Harumafuji defeats Hakuhou by shitatenage (swing throw) for the title. (5/23. -Daily changes Results)
  • JUDO-: New commer Takamasa Anai(24yrs) wins All Japan Open weight title over World champ Muneta and Olympic champion Suzuki at Budokan hall in Tokyo(4/29)
  • JUDO-: Pan-Am champion Travis Stevens and Jr.World champ Kayla Harrison captures 2009 US.Sr.National title in San Diego Ca. (4/17)
  • JUDO: All Japan Weightlimit & World Trial:+100kg 2007 World Champ Yasuyuki Muneta and Kano Cup champ Yohei Takai both loses in the semi-final and New commer Kazuhiko Takahashi wins the Title. In the women,-48kg Tomoko Fukumi defeats rival Emi Yamagishi to captures tickets to the World in Holland.(4/05)

    JUDO: Japan's Kodokan Judo Institute president Yukimitsu Kano (76yrs)appointe Haruki Uemura (58Yrs) as new Kodokan President and on Mar 18th, All Japan Judo federation elects Haruki Uemura as new federation president and Koshi Onozawa (62yrs)for new executive director. (3/19)

    MMA UFC-94: UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre (27yrs, Can) defeat UFC Lightweight champion B.J.Penn (30yrs, USA)by TKO. Judo black belt battle between Karo Pearisyan (26yrs,USA) and Korean Dong Hyun Kim (27yrs)is split decision to Parisyan. MGM Grand LV. USA (1/31)

  • JUDO-Paris day 1&2: Beijin Olympic -66kg Champ Uchishiba (JPN) and +100kg bronze medalist Teddy Riner (FRA) Wins Gold. Olympic Champ Tong Wen (CHI) dominate Women's +78kg. (2/08).
  • OBITUARY-JIUJITSU-: Gracie Jiujitsu Pioneer Helio Gracie Passed away on Jan 29th at Rio De Janeiro Brazil age at 95. (1/29)



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