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  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 5: London Olympic Men's -90kg, IJF rank 11th K.W. Lee's (KOR) alternate Dae-Nam Song upset IJF rank 5th Asley Gonzalez (CUB) for the Gold. No. 1 rank former Olympic champ Ilias Iliadis (GRE) settles 3rd. In the Women's -70kg, Beijing Olympic -63kg Silver medalist Lucie Decosse (FRA) captures Gold over Kerstin Thiele (GER). London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 4: London Olympic Men's -81kg, World champion IJF rank 2nd Jae-Bum KIM (KOR) takes Gold over Ole BISCHOF (GER). US. hope Travis Stevens place 5th. In the Women -63kg, IJF rank no. 1 and World champion Yoshie Ueno (JPN) place 3rd. IJF rank no 3rd Urska Zolnir (SLO) captures Gold over Xu Lili (CHI) IJF rank 5th. London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 3: London Olympic Men's -73kg, IJF rank 8th Mansur Isaev (RUS) upset no 1. rank Riki Nakaya (JPN) by point (Yuko) to gets second Gold for Russia. US. contender Nicholas Delpopolo is 7th. In the Women's -57kg division World champion Kaori Matsumoto (JPN) finally captures Gold for Japan. US Marti Malloy wins Bronze medal. London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 2: London Olympic Men's -66kg, IJF rank 17th Lasha SHAVDATUASHVILI (GEO) defeats IJF rank 29th Miklos UNGVARI (HUN) in the final for the gold. IJF rank 4th Ebinuma (JPN) barely made Bronze Medal. In the women's -52kg division, Beijing Olympic Silver medalist , Kum Ae AN (PRK) captures Gold over Yanet BERMOY (CUB) London Olympic-Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • OLYMPIC JUDO- Day 1:London Olympic Men's -60kg, Russian Arsen Galstyan takes Gold over Japan's Hiroaki Hiraoka by full point (Ippon, soto-makikomi). Women's -48kg,Sarah Menezes(Bra) defeats Beijig Olympic champ Alina Dumitru(Rou) for the gold. Japan's Fukumi place 5th. London Olympic -Excel Arena (7/28-8/3/ 2012)

  • JUDO-: US.Kayla Harrison Becomes : Third American Ever to Win Junior World Championships (10/26).
  • JUDO-:Post Olympic, Men's +100kg Olympic Champ: Satoshi Ishii (JPN) Wants to Challenge MMA Champion Fedor! IN MMA or Judo fight?(8/18).
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    • JUDO Events BEIJING Olympic: Aug 9 - Aug 15th,(detail Below articles).
  • JUDO-:USA JUDO Molestation Charges Resurface. (7/26/08).
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    Isao Wada Passed Away

    Mr. Isao Wada of Gardena Judo Club Head instructor passed away on July 28th morning. The services was held on Monday, August 4, 2008 at 7:30 PM at Gardena Buddhist Church 1517 W 166th Street, Gardena, CA 90247 (7/28)

    USA Judo Board of Director Fletcher Thornton Resigns

    (Colorado Springs, Colo.) �EUSA Judo President Dr. Ron Tripp announced this morning, July 26, that Board of Director member Fletcher Thornton has tendered his resignation from the Board of Director of USA Judo. This resignation by Mr. Thornton was tendered Friday, July 25 and effective midnight of the same day.(7/27)

    A statement by USA Judo said that Thornton resigned Friday, effective at midnight. He was in Orlando, Fla., to referee Junior Olympic matches at Walt Disney World on Friday. He did not referee matches Saturday. In a telephone interview Thursday, Thornton called the allegations �false�Eand added, �To tell you the truth, I don�t think you want to know the truth.�EA call to his hotel room on Saturday night was not answered. At least three athletes gave sworn statements claiming they were molested or inappropriately touched by Thornton, who is more than 20 years older than they are. Other athletes gave sworn statements saying that Thornton had provided them with marijuana and alcohol, mostly on trips for judo (7/28)

    Claims of Molestation Resurface for Judo Official

    By PETE THAMEL (7/26)

    A high-ranking USA Judo official has been accused of drugging and sexually molesting teenage competitors he coached in the late 1970s, accusations that resurfaced last month in Internet postings by one of the sport�s top athletes. On Friday, the United States Olympic Committee announced that it had begun a formal inquiry upon learning of the accusations in recent weeks and that it would have an independent counsel investigate the claims. �These are serious allegations, and they will receive the attention and priority they deserve,�Esaid Darryl Seibel, a spokesman for the U.S.O.C. One of the sport�s national groups, the United States Judo Association, has suspended the official, Fletcher Thornton. But the sport�s most prominent organization, USA Judo, which oversees the Olympic team, has taken no action. Thornton is on the executive board and his duties have included overseeing the board�s standards. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/26/sports/olympics/26judo.html?_r=2&sq=fletcher%20thornton&st=cse&oref=slogin&scp=1&pagewanted=print

    2008 USJF JR National Championships (7/6)

    The 45th USJF Jr. National Judo Championships were held at the University of Illinois, Chicago�s Forum from July 4 to 6th. US Olympic trial contender Kyle Takeda (Gardena, California) was upset in the finals by Maximilian Schneider (Illinois). Schneider captured the �E0kg title.

    World Masters Championships in Belgium (6/29)

    This year the World Masters Judo Championships attracted over 1200 players from 50 countries to Belgium. In the men�s team championships finals, the Brazilian team captured the title over France. The women�s team title went to the German team who defeated Br.

    All Japan Judo Championships, K. Inoue lost

    Sydney Olympic champion Kosei Inoue (29yrs) from Japan announced retirement after his loss at the All Japan open weight Judo championships at Budokan hall in Tokyo on April 29th

    Three times World champion and Sydney Olympic -100kg division winner Kosei Inoue with his superb uchimata (leg throw) techniques has dominated the World for 5 years, but in 2004 Athens Olympic he lost his battle. It was the one of the biggest upsets in Olympic judo history. Since then he had major injury in 2005 and he was out of competition for entire year but he recovered and came back in the competition in 2006 with his eye on the Beijing Olympics.

    He won the Paris International in 2007 but in same year he lost at World championships for 5th place at Rio. All at stake was at the All Japan judo championships but again he lost in the quarterfinal match against young Yohei Takai (25yrs) with his favorite uchimata throw attempt but he got countered and pined.

    Kosei Inoue stated, �I don�t have any regret feeling of my decision and I did the best of my career. I like to learn foreign language and coaching in England and I will give back to Judo community in the future.�E


    Ishii wins again the All Japan and Beijing Tickets

    Young Ishii Captured Second All Japan Titles and Beijing Olympic Tickets (4/29)

     Tokyo- 2008 All Japan judo championships and the final trial for Beijing Olympic was held at Budokan hall in Tokyo on April 29th .Top three +100kg players 2006 all Japan champion Satoshi Ishii, Rio�s World champion Yasuyuki Muneta and three times World champion Kosei Inoue battled their final one ticket to Beijing.  

    First, Inoue lost in the quarterfinal by Yohei Takai and number one spot Muneta was upset by 21years old Ishii by penalty in the semifinal. In the final Ishii threw last year�s champion and +100kg Olympic gold medalist Keiji Suzuki(27yrs) with ouchi-gari (major inside foot clip) to scored yuko (1/4 pt) in the opening to lead but Suzuki fought back to dominate the match in the second half but he could not catch up Ishii�s point and time was up. Ishii captured second All Japan title and later he was selected for the +100kg player for Beijing Olympic.


    2008 US. Sr. National and Olympic trial, Rousey won again

    2007 World silver medalist Ronda Rousey captured title and former Champ Brian Olson settled 2nd at US.Sr.National and Olympic Trial

     2007 World  4/11

     Virginia Beach,VA- 2008 US. Sr.National and Olympic trial Judo Championships were held at Virginia Beach Virginia on April 11 to 12. This event�s winners will be selected for the final US Olympic trial at Thomas Mack center in Las Vega on June 13 to 15. Many top seeded players in each division were absent due to their concentration to the only final Olympic trial at Las Vegas. In the Men�s division veteran -90kg World bronze medalist Brian Olson(Co) defeated top seeded player Rick Hawn (Ma) in the prelim round but he lost in the final by No,1 ranked Garry St. Leger(NY)�s kataguruma (Shoulder wheel throw) for full point but he still has a chance for the final trial.

    In the Women�s division 2007 World -70kg silver medalist Rond Rousey(Ma) dose not have rival opponent in the US. She defeated Tomoyo Yoshinaga from San Jose State�s University with sodetsurikomi (lifting arm throw) to crash her and pined her for the title. She is dominating this division. (Detail in the next issue of JJ)


    World Cup Paris International T.Riner took Gold

    19 years old +100kg World Champ Teddy Riner (Fra) and +78kg Champion Tong Wen(Chi) won the Paris International. 2/10

     Paris- World cup Paris International Judo championships was held on Feb 9 and 10 for two days in Paris France. Over 533 players from 70 countries competed at Brcey sports arena. 19 years old French sensation World champion Teddy Riner again defeated three times World champion Kosei Inoue of Japan in the semifinal round captured the +100kg division title at the toughest International invitation. He is closest one for the gold medal at Beijing Olympics.

    In the women�s division 2007 Rio�s World winner Tong Wen of China beat Japan�s Mai Tateyama in the first round to captured the +78kg title but Tong did not fight against rival Japan�s Maki Tsukada this time. Athens Olympic winner Tsukada will be the toughest her opponents. 


    World Cup German International Muneta dominate

    Hamburg- Two time World Champion Japan�s Yasuyuki Muneta defeated French top star Teddy Riner to captured the title. Olympic Champion Kye Sun-Hui of North Korea challenges New -63kg division.  

     Rio�s World open weight champion Japan�s Yasuyuki Muneta (29yrs) defeated rising top French star Teddy Riner(19yrs) with two penalty to captured precious gold medal in the +100kg division in the German International on Feb 22-24. Former World champion Russian Alexsander Mikhailine settled 3rd but how he deal with rival Tomenov who place 2nd at Rio�s world. In the Women�s division, Three different weight class World champion Kye Sui-Hui of North Korea took -57kg World title at Rio in the last September. Now she fights in the -63kg division at the German International to find a spot for the Beijing Olympics, She was defeated by Japan�s -63kg No 2 player Toshie Ueno�s powerful osoto-gari (Major outside clip throw) in the second round but came back to place 3rd to seeking the gold at this division.


    News Flash!

    -60kg Nomura lost and retired, All Japan

     Fukuoka- Three time -60kg Olympic gold medalist Japan�s Tadahiro Nomura lost at semi-final bout against Daisuke Asano in his -60kg final Olympic trial and All Japan Weightlimit Championships at the Fukuoka kokusai center on April 5. All Japan judo federation picked winner Hiroaki Hiraoka for -60kg Olympic contender from Japan.th.

    US Players Rousey and Stevens in Paris International

    US. Women�s Hope Ronda Rousey -70kg and Men�s -81kg Travis Stevens are the only two advanced to 3rd round match to lost their fight to place 9th place at Paris international. 2/10

     Paris- 2007 World silver medalist Ronda Rousey of California beat first two round but Japan�s Masae Ueno beat her in the end of golden score by referee�s decision. Travis also advanced to his 3rd round battle but Italian Antonio Ciano threw Travis by full point. Both Ronda and Travis end up with 9th place. Other all US. player�s are lost in the early round.

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