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(City of Industry)

(Little Tokyo)

(Fountain Valley)



Head Instructor
Micky Matsumoto(6th Dan)

Assistant Head Instructor
Low Dong


1964 W.162nd Street Gardena Ca 90247

Head Instructor
Yoichiro Matsumura

Teimoc Johnston Ono
Jason Morris
Jimmy Pedro

180 Central Park South New York NY 10019

Valley Judo

President:Patrick Moody
1st Vice:Larry Tsutsui

Selma Judo Club

602 W.Princeton Ave.
Fresno,Ca 93705


Shoichi Sayano
Dan Takata
Art Tabata
William Tabata
Brian Kanegawa

Mon 7:00-8:30pm
Wed 7:30-9:00pm
815 E.1st St,
Los Angeles Ca 90012

Head Instructor
Kenji Osugi 6-Dan

Assistant Instructor
Theirry Dusigne 4-Dan

2110 Corinth Avenue,
Los Angeles,Ca 90025











8850 Lankershim Blvd.
Sun Valley, Calif, 91352

Tue and Fri: 7:30-9:30pm





Head Instructor:
Ronnie Kaichi

Wed..Fri. 7:00-9:30pm
19751 S. Figueroa St.,Carson,
CA 90745

News Flash


Latest News

  • SUMO Fall Session Day-4: Yokozuna Hakuho, Kakuryu and Kisenosato all three Yokozuna one Ozeki Takayasu is out of the competition due to the injury. Yokozuna Harumafuji loses for 2-2 to even. Ozeki Goeido wins over Tochinoshin for 3-1 and Terunofuji loses 1-3. Sekiwake Mitakeumi loses 1-3, Yoshikaze loses 0-4. Komusubi Tochinoshin loses 0-4 and Tamawashi wins 2-2. 2017 Fall session opened on Sep 10 to 24 at Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo. (Tokyo,JPN 9/10-24/2017) -Daily changes Results.
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  • News FLASH!!! IJF-2017 Suzuki World JUDO Championships:World top political leaders attends opening ceremony at Laszlo Papp Sports Arena in Budapest Hungari on Aug 28th,2017. Russian president Vladimir Putin, and also IJF honorary president, Hungarian Prime ministar Victor Orban and Mongolian President Khaltmaa Battulga, he is also president of Mongolian Judo organization. These World leaders are connecting by sports of Judo. it said Judo is education and the sports of the nation is future of society. I decare the 2017 Suzuki World Judo championships by M.Vizer IJF president. ( up date, Jul 23/2017)

  • News FLASH!!! IJF-2017 World JUDO Championships:Japan captures 2 Golds by 2016 Olympic -60kg bronze medalist Naohisa Takatoof Japan and Women's -48kg title was taken by Japan's Jr.World winner Fuuna Tonaki over former World champ Mongorian U. Munkhbat. World Elite & Team Championships will continue. -Aug 28-Sep 03 (Budapest, HUN) ( up date, Jul 23/2017)

  • News FLASH!!! IJF-2017 World JUDO Championships:World Elite & Team Championships -Aug 28-Sep 03 (Budapest, HUN) 2. World Masters Championships -Sep 30-Oct 03 (Olbla, ITA) 3. World Cadet & Team Championshps (Santiago, CHI). 4. Grand Slam -Aub Dhabi UAE Oct 26-28 5. Grand Slam -Tokyo, JPN Dec 02-03. ( up date, Jul 23/2017)

  • Nagoya Session Day-15: Last session winner Yokozuna Hakuho wins over rival Harumafuji for 14-1 to captures 39th session title and he makes the most winning record 1050 in the Sumo history. Harumafuji finish 11-4. New Yokozuna Kisenosato withdraw second time on Day-6 with 2-4 and Other Yokozuna Kakuryu also withdraw on day 4 and 2-2. Ozeki Goeido loses last day by new Ozeki Takayasu for 7-8. He has to win more than 8days at the next session to keep his rank. New Ozeki Takayasu wins 9-6. Sekiwake rank Tamawashi loses 7-8 and other sekiwake Mitakeumi wins 9-6 and receive 2nd inspirational award. Former Ozeki Kotoshogiku down to Komusubi rank wins last day but end up 7-8. Other the best fighting award went to Aoiyama with 13-2 record. Next fall session open on Sep 10, 2017 at Kokugikan hall in Tokyo. (Nagoya session 7/09-23/2017)-Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO Summer Session Final Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho wins over Harumafuji for 15-0 to captures the 38th session title. Harumafuji loses and end up 11-4. Kisenosato withdraw from competetion on day 11 and 6-5. Other Yokozuna Kakuryu also withdraw on day 5 and 1-4. Ozeki Goeido loses by Tamawashi for 9-6, Terunofuji wins over Takayasu 12-3. Sekiwake Takayasu loses 11-4, Kotoshogiku wins 7-8 and Tamawashi wins 10-5. 2017 Summer session opened on May 14, 2017 at Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo. (Tokyo,JPN 5/14-28/2017) -Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO -The biggest upset!!!-Spring session, Last Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho Withdraw at day 5th due to the foot injury 2-3. New Yokozuna Kisenosato come back again with shoulder injury and the big upset win over Terunofuji to make a tie score 13-2. In the tie break match, Kisenosato held Terunofuji and suddenly switch to rightside kotenage (one arm throw) to defeats Ozeki Terunofuji. Kisenosato capturs unbeliverble 2nd session title here at Osaka. This was the one of the biggest upset for the sumo history. Terunofuji finish 2nd the best for 13-2. Yokozuna Kakuryu wins over Harumafuji to end up 10-5. Harumafuji loses to finish 10-5. Ozeki Goeido withdraw at day 6 and 1-5. Former Ozeki now Sekiwake rank Kotoshogiku wins for 9-6. Tamawashi loses 8-7. Shodai loses 4-11 and Takayasu wins 11-3. 2017 Spring Osaka session closed 15 days battle today and Next summer session will open on May 14 - 28, 2017 at Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo. (Osaka,JPN MAR 12-26/2017) -Daily changes Results.
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  • -2017- Mar, "Now! Women can wear Solid Black Belt"!!! AJJF-JUDO: All Japan Judo federation anounced that tradional women's black belt with white stripe will be changed. Women's belt will be the same as Men's solid black belt. Japan was only country women wear diferent black belt. ( Mar /2017-Tokyo)

  • News FLASH!!! IJF-JUDO: Dusseldorf Grand Prix (2/24-26): 49 country 344 players cometed this years Grand Prix. Japan took 5-Gold,4-Silver and 7-Broze to lead the top. Japan brought B class members and captures 4-Gold from womens -48kg,-52kg,-70kg and -78kg. Men's gold came from new commer +100kg Kokoro Kageura. veteran Hisayoshi Harasawa was silver. 2nd best team was Georgia with 2-Gol and 2-Silver. Men's -60kg and -90kg captures gold medal. US. did not get any medal. . ( Feb 11-12 /2017)

  • News FLASH!!! IJF-JUDO: Paris Grand slam (2/11-12): 61 country 409 players competed this years Grand slam. Japan took 7-Gold, 4-Silver and 2-Broze to lead the best. Japan brought A class team like -60kg Naohisa Takato and +100kg Takashi Ojitani to captured total 7 Gold. 2nd best team was Korea 2-Gold,1-Silver and 2-Bronze. US.-78kg Olympic champ Kyla Harrison did not compete and US did not win any medal. . ( Feb 11-12 /2017)

  • SUMO New year Session final Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho loses by Kisenosato for 11-4 and Ozeki Kisenosato wins for 14-1 to captured the session title. This is his first session title wining of his career and he will sure to gets nomoination for Yokozuna. Kakuryu withdraw from competetion on Day 11th 5-6 . Harumafuji withdrew on day 7th 4-3. Ozeki Goeido withdraw due to the injury on day 12 8-5. Kotoshogiku wins over Terunofuji to end 5-10 and he will degrade from Ozeki to Sekiwake rank. Ozeki Terunofuji loses 4-11. Sekiwake Shodai wins 7-8 and Tamawashi loses 9-6. 2017 New Year session opened on Jan 8, 2017 at Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo. (Tokyo,JPN 1/8-22/2017) -Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO Kyushu Session Last Day-15: Yokozuna Kakuryu wins over Harumafuji 14-1 to captured 3rd session title. Harumafuji end up with 11-4. Hakuho wins over Ozeki Goeido 11-4 finish and Goeido finish 9-6, Kisenosato wins to Takarafuji 12-3. Terunofuji loses by Takayasu 8-7 but remain Ozeki rank. Sekiwake Takayasu and Okinoumi both wins but Takayasu end up 7-8, Okinoumi finish 5-10 both more likely degrade Sekiwake rank. New commer Ishiura with 10-5 and Shodai with 11-4 received inspirational award and Tamawashi received the best tequnique award with 10-5. Next New Year session will open on Jan 2017 at Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo. . (Fukuoka,JPN 11/13-27/2016) -Daily changes Results.
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  • SUMO Fall Session Last Day-15: Ozeki Goeido wins over Kotoshogiku for 15-0 perfect score to captures first session title. He will challenge to reach Yokozuna rank in the next kyushu session. Yokozuna Harumafuji wins over Kakuryu 12-3 and Kakuryu end up 10-5. Kisenosato wins to Terunofuji for 10-5, Terunofuji loses again for 4-11. Other Ozeki Kotoshogiku finish 9-6. Sekiwake Takayasu loses to 10-5 but received the most Fighting-spirit award and Takarafuji loses 4-11. Kotoshogiku wins with 5-10 but more lossing. Maegashira rank Okinoumi beat two Yokozuna and two Ozeki to receive inspirational award with 9-6. Endo awarded the best technique award with 13-2 record. Yokozuna Hakuho & Maegashira rank Ichinojo both absent due to the injury. Next Kyushu session will open on Nov 13 at Fukuoka Kousai center. (Fukuoka,JPN 11/13-27/2016) -Daily changes Results.
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  • News FLASH!!! Rio Olympic -JUDO Day 6: US. Kyla Harrison won the first Gold for US over TCHEUMEO Audrey (FRA)-Silver in Women's -78kg. AGUIAR Mayra (BRA) and VELENSEK Anamari(SLO)takes Bronz medals. In the Men's Gold -KRPALEK, Lukas (CZE),Silver -GASIMOV, Elmar (AZE), Bronz -HAGA, Ryunosuke (JPN), and MARET, Cyrille (FRA) . ( Aug 6-12 /2016)

  • News FLASH!!! Rio Olympic -JUDO Day 5: Japan Captures Two Gold by New face Men's -90kg Mashu Baker and Women's -70kg Haruka Tachimoto. Men's -90kg LIPARTELIANI, Varlam (GEO) -Silver CHENG, Xunzhao (CHN) and GWAK, Donghan (KOR) takes Bronz medals. In the Womens -70kg: Gold- TACHIMOTO, Haruka (JPN). Silver -ALVEAR, Yuri (COL) Bronz - Sally Conway (GBR) and VARGAS KOCH, Laura (GER). ( Aug 6-12 /2016)

  • News FLASH!!! Rio Olympic -JUDO Day 4: -81kg US. Travis Stevens Captures Silver Medals bihind of Khasan Khalmurzaev (RUS). Takanori Nagase (JPN) and Sergiu Toma (UAE) captures Bronz medal. Canadian Antine V.Fortier is 7th. In the Womens -63kg: Gold- TRSTENJAK, Tina (SLO) . Silver - AGBEGNENOU, Clarisse (FRA) Bronz -GERBI, Yarden (ISR) and VAN EMDEN, Anicka (NED). ( Aug 6-12 /2016)

  • News FLASH!!! Rio Olympic -JUDO Day 3: -73kg Japan's ONO Shohei wins first Gold Medals over ORUJOV Rustam (AZE) Silver. Bronz medals captured by SHAVDATUASHVILI Lasha(GEO) and VAN TICHELT Dirk (BEL). .In the Womens -57kg: Gold -Silver Rafaela (BRA) over DORJSUREN, Sumiya (MGL)-Silver and Bronz medals wins by 2012 Olympic gold winner MATSUMOTO Kaori (JPN) and MONTEIRO, Telma (POR). ( Aug 6-12 /2016)

  • News FLASH!!! Rio Olympic -JUDO Day 2: -66kg Italian new face dominate over An Baul (KOR) for the Gold Medal. Bronz medals captured by two time World champ Ebinuma Masashi (JPN) and Sobirov Rishod (UZB). .In the Womens -52kg: Two times World champ KELMENDI Majlinda (KOS) captures Gold over GIUFFRIDA Odette (ITA) and Bronz medals wins by 2015 World champ NAKAMURA Misato (JPN) and KUZIUTINA, Natalia (RUS) . ( Aug 6-12 /2016)

  • News FLASH!!! Rio Olympic -JUDO Day 1: -60kg Europian Champion MUDRANOV Beslan (RUS) wins first Gold Medals over SMETOV Yeldos (KAZ) -Silver. Bronz medals captured by 2013 World champ TAKATO Naohisa (JPN) and UROZBOEV Diyorbek (UZB). .In the Womens -48kg: 2015 World champion PARETO Paula (ARG) over JEONG Bokyeong (KOR)-Silver and Bronz medals wins by 2014 World winner Kondo Ami (JPN) and GALBADRAKH Otgontsetseg (KAZ). ( Aug 6-12 /2016)

  • SUMO Nagoya Session last Day-15: Yokozuna Hakuho loses by rival Harumafuji 10-5, Harumafuji wins 13-2 record to captures 8th session victory and other Yokozuna Kakuryu withdraw on Day 4, 2-2. Ozeki Kisenosato wins over Goeido with 12-3 and second the best recod tie with Maegashira rank Takanoiwa. Terunofuji wins to Kaise with 8-7 finish to keep his Ozeki rank. Goeido loses 7-8. Kotoshogiku withdraw from competition on day 7 with 1-6. Sekiwake Kaise finish 7-8 and Tochinoshin 6-9 and more likly both degrade their Sekiwake rank. Fall session will start on Sep 11-25 at Kokugikan hall, Tokyo. (Nagoya, JPN 7/10-24/2016) -Daily changes Results.
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    Olympic champ Ishii, Wardum,N.Bunasawa (Bunasawa-Kai),Cordeiro.

  • - Learn Judo/ Jiujitsu/ Jukkendo/ MMA! -


      BUNASAWA Sensei vs Legened M.KIMURA

      Picture: Sensei Bunasawa's "Flying Scissors" on the famous "Kimura lock" inventor legened Masahiko Kimura Shian

      BUNASAWA-Kai Judo School

      Testimonial!: -Sensei Bunasawa is the youngest Red Belt (9th Dan, Grandmaster) in USA. He is US World Team coach, and also produced two Olympians from the Orange County home dojo. He has taught over 5000 Jr & Sr students in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Denmark, Italy & Kazakhstan in the past 45years.

      @ Kids program!: -BKI offers two unique classes developed by Sensei Bunasawa, Judo 9th Dan and Jukkendo Founder and 10th Dan.

      1.-One is for elite students to develop as future Olympians

      2. Second is child character development class, through our special discipline training.

      (We love helping and working with kids and helping them develop to their best potential.)

      Beginners: Kids Starter/ Jr. Class, Tue 5:00 - 6:30 pm/ Fri 5:00 - 6:30pm.

      Intermediate: Adult M/F, JUDO & JUKKENDO Class, Tue/ Fri 6:30 - 8:15 pm.

      @ Adult Program!: -BKI offers:

      1. Adult Competition class

      2. Recreational, health & fitness class,

      3. Men & Women's Self Defense or MMA (Jukkendo) class.

      Our Adult membership has more high ranking (6 Dan - Red & White Belt & up) than any other school/dojo in Southern California. All are masters of Judo & Jukkendo, some are also masters of BJJ (Jiujitsu). World Class Champions.

      Headquarters (Honb)-254 Victoria St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (Tue & Fri)

      Call at (949) 645-1674

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    - 2013 -

    Judo News

    2013 Rio World Championships 8/26-31,Rio,BRA

    Judo London Olympic 2012 7/28-8/3,London,GBR

    World Champ Anai Re-cap All Japan Title 4/29,Tokyo,JPN

    Paris Grand Slam and Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2/4-5,Paris,FRA

    Olympic Champ Ishii loses US Nationals (4/13-14,VA Beach)

    - 2013 -

    Mixed Martial Arts News

    UFC-162 Champ A. Silva knock out loss (MGM LV 7/06/2013 )

    King of MMA Fedor Crushes Judo Ishii ( Japan. 12/31/2011)

    UFC 141 Overeem destroyed Lesnar (Las Vegas,12/30/2011)

    STRIKEFORCE WORLD GP Big Upset! (NJ. 2/12/2011)

    Jiujitsu News

    2013 Jiujitsu World Masters Championships (CS. Long Beach. 10/5-6/2013)

    2013 Pan-Am Jiujitsu Championships (UC.Irvine 3/24-27)

    2010 No-Gi World Championship11/07

    2013 Jiujitsu World Championship ( Cal State LB 5/29-6/2, 2013)

    Sumo News

    Goeido Wins the most inspirational award with 8-7 (5/11/2014, Tokyo)

    Hakuho wins 29th Session titles (5/11-25, Kokugikan,Tokyo)

    Kisenosato challenge to Yokozuna Rank in Nagoya (Nagoya 7/13-27/2014)

    Other News

    Mitsuyo Maeda book now Available

    "Toughest Man Who Ever Lived"

    "How Judo master Maeda (Conde Koma) dominated the Pro-fighting world and founded Gracie Jiujitsu (BJJ) ""

    "The novel brings you right in the front row of Maeda's life"

    -Sanke Morning News (5/20)

    -This is the FIRST English Written Maeda Book and Remarkable Story-

    Maeda 26yrs old (left), Kimura defeats Helio Gracie in 1951(right)

    - Bunasawa-Kai " JUKKEN-DO " (Maeda style of Judo/Jiujitsu)




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