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2013 Jiujitsu World Championship

Absolute Title to M. Almeida and G. Garcia wins Women's .

Long Beach, CA: The 2013 World BJJ Championships were held at Cal State Long Beach's Pyramid, with the top fighters in all divisions coming out to battle in this four day event. The last day of the championships, June 2, saw the men's Absolute Division fight it out with the best of the black belts vying for the title. Last year's champion, Marcus V.O. Almeida (Checkmat) was challenged by 2011 Open Weight champion Rodolfo Vieira (GF Team). After winning the heavyweight title, Rodolfo took an early 2 point lead, but Marcus used his size and strength to fight back from the bottom position to take the lead and the title from Rodolfo for the 2nd year in a row.

In the Women's Openweight battle, three-time Openweight champion Gabrielle L. Garcia (Alliance) faced this year's Lightweight champion Beatriz O. Mesquita of Gracie Humaita. Gabrielle started off going for a single leg take down but ended up outside the match area and earned no points. Gabrielle then took take advantage of the huge weight difference as she overpowered the smaller Beatriz. Gabrielle easily succeeded in crushing her opponent underneath her body and controlled her to gain 6 points, handily winning the Absolute Openweight Title for the 3rd year in row. (May 29-June 2, 2013).

2011 Jiujitsu World Championship

World Champ Marcelo Garcia Wins, Kron Gracie fell Short

Long Beach, CA - The 2011 World Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships drew 2,300 contestants from around the world to the Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach. The four-day event started on June 2 and culminated on June 5 with the black belt men and women's final matches.

Absent from the absolute (open) men's division were last year's champion Roger Gracie (BRA) and former champion Marcelo Garcia. Garcia (Alliance) captured the middleweight title. Newcomer Rodolfo Vieira (Grapple Fight Team) rose to prominence by capturing first in both the heavyweight and absolute divisions. Vieira defeated rival Bernardo Faria (Alliance) in both divisions to become the number 1 jiujitsu champion of the world. In the absolute final match, Vieira led early by scoring 2 points for a kouchi (foot sweep) throw and controlled through the entire match to win by 9-0.

Kron Gracie (Gracie Humaita), son of Rickson Gracie, faced Gilbert Burns (Atos) in the lightweight division final. Burns took advantage of Gracie's slip at the beginning of the match and scored 2 points right away. Gracie managed to quickly tie the score, but Burns passed Gracie's guard and gained 7 points for choking. Burns' final score was 9-2 in his decisive victory to win a world title.

In the Women’s brown/black belt absolute (open) division, last year’s heavyweight champion Gabrielle Garcia (Alliance) captured the absolute and heavyweight titles. In the final of the absolute division, the Brazilian overpowered Beatriz Mesquita (Gracie Humaita) with a swing throw (ukiotoshi) at the beginning of the match. After the first two points, Mesquita gave up 4 more points but Garcia couldn't finish off the lightweight division bronze medalist.

2011 Pan-Am JiuJitsu Championships

2800 Competes at Bren Events Center in UC Irvine

Men's Division:

Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria Leading to the final: Rodolfo tore up the open weight division finishing everyone on his way to the final. Bernardo was more conservative in his style but maintained his consistency, displaying the good BJJ that also got him to the European final.

The final: Rodolfo takes the win after grinding Faria's face on the mat for 10 minutes and accumulating several advantages in the process and a guard pass. The last 30 seconds were very intense with Bernardo Faria screaming in the middle of the mat out of frustration and running after Rodolfo like a mad man trying to take him down.

Women's Division:

Gabrielle Garcia took two divisions Pesado and Absolute.Gabrielle was the heavy favorite but it was Tammy that opened the score with a takedown. Though Gabi immediately reversed the BJJ rules stipulate that the person that finished the takedown first gets the 2 points (not the one that lands on top at the end), so Tammy started up by two. Gabi immediately started putting pressure, almost getting a clock choke that looked very tight. Tammy escaped and Gabrielle pulled guard because she could not decipher the riddle that was Tammy's on 4 position. After several attempts and being behind in the score boards for 8 minutes, Gabri swept Tammy and won on advangates (2x2 on points).

Absolute division,Gabrielle Garcia and Luanna Alzuguir were from the same club so that they did not fight.

2010 World No-Gi Championships

Over 800 Contestants Compete at Pyramid in Long Beach

Long Beach CA - The 2010 World Jiujitsu No-Gi Championships were held at the Pyramid. Twelve fighting areas allowed the more than 800 competitors to finish all their bouts smoothly during this one day event at Cal State Long Beach. The tournament highlight was the men's black belt heavyweight final between World Jiujitsu Heavyweight Champion Rafael Lovoto from Oklahoma and Roberto Camargo of Gracie Barra. The taller Lovoto grabbed Camargo from behind and threw him down for a 2 point lead. Camargo came back with single leg take down to even the score. With 10 seconds left, Lovoto gained an advantage point to become the 2010 No-Gi World Champion.

In the Black belt middleweight final, the match and title went to Gilbert Pontes. His flexible cross arm-bar (juji-gatame) and scissors hold dominated Tiago Alves of Barbosa Jiujitsu. Alves ended up injured tapped out at the end of the match to give Pontes the World Title.

The Juvenile Blue Belt Division was dominated by the talented 16 yrs old Colin Navickas of Cleber Jiujitsu and Bunasawa-kai judo. Navickas defeated all of his opponents with a fantastic triangle choke (sankaku-jime). Tyler de Oliveira of Claudio Franca took 2nd place.(11/7/2010,Long Beach)

2010 Jiujitsu World Championship

Roger Gracie wins 3rd Open Weight Title

Long Beach, California - 2010 marked the 15th year that the World Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships were held. In 2007 they were took place for the first time in the U.S. This year, they went for four days, from June 3 to June 6, at the Cal. State Long Beach campus in the pyramid building. Nearly 2,000 competitors fought in all belt divisions, children as well as adults. This article will focus on the heavier weight divisions of the black belt men and brown/black belt women.

The star of the show was current MMA fighter Roger Gracie of the Gracie Barra school. Although Roger is now more focused on his MMA career, he still had time to compete once again at the Worlds. Here, he fought in the Super Heavyweight division (221 lbs.). Roger faced Ricardo Abreu Pinto (Nova Uniao). This was a one sided match. Super skilled Roger started the fight in Pinto's guard. He later took his back, holding a 6-2 lead. Roger then gained the full mount, as he hunted for a submission chokehold. The match went the full 10 minutes, with Roger winning on points, 13-2.

Roger also fought in the Open weight division. Here he faced Romulo Barral, also of Gracie Barra. Unfortunately for Barral, he had been injured in a previous match. Fighting earlier in the Medium Heavyweight division (194.5 lbs.), Barral was submitted by a leg lock against Tarsis Humphreys, causing him to suffer a severe limp. He therefore, forfeited his Open weight fight against R. Gracie, handing Roger a record third World Open weight title.

The women's Brown/Black belt Heavyweight division was dominated by the Brazilian giant Gabrielle Garcia of Alliance club. The platinum haired Garcia held a huge size advantage over her teammate and opponent Katrina Weilbacher. Both players were cheered on by a huge gathering of Alliance club members in the audience. Chants were heard regularly during the course of the tournament from Allaince and Gracie Barra members. Here, Garcia took the top position on the ground against Weilbacher. She eventually gained a side pin, winning the match on points, 7-0. In the Open Weight division, Garcia was to fight another teammate Luanna Alzuguir. However, Garcia forfeited the match to here teammate, giving Alzuguir the Gold.

2010 Pan-American JiuJitsu Championships

World Champ G. Garcia Wins. R. Lovato Loses. K. Gracie Reaches the Top

Irvine, CA - Over 2,850 contestants competed in the 2010 BJJ Pan-Am Championships at the UC Irvine Bren Events Center. A record crowd came out to watch the four day event that started April 8th. The highlight of the entire tournament was the black belt middleweight match between Kayron Gracie (Gracie Barra) and Abmar Barbosa (Drysdale JJ). Gracie grabbed 2 points with an opening move, but Barbosa quickly evened the score with a tomoe-nage throw. Barbosa pulled ahead with another 2 points with an ankle lock, but Gracie caught up to bring the score to 4-4. With only 50 seconds left, Barbosa attacked from on top, but Gracie reversed the offensive from the bottom for a crucial 2 point lead. When time ran out, Gracie upset Barbosa with a 6-4 win to capture the Pan-am middleweight title.

Another exciting final match was in the men's heavyweight category between 2007 World Champion Rafael Lovato of San Diego and Bernardo Farias of Alliance. Faria slid from underneath into the top position to score a 2 point lead, but Lovato came back quickly with the same move to tie the score. Faria controlled Lovato's leg from the bottom to gain another 2 points, and continued to pass Lovato's guard to widen his lead to 8-2. When time ran out, Faria upset a world champion on his way to capturing the Pan Am heavyweight title.

In the women's heavyweight division, 2008 World BJJ champion Gabrielle Garcia from Brazil faced Tammy Griego of New Mexico. Garcia used her judo skills to do a single leg take down throw to lead by 2 points. Garcia took advantage of her weight and height advantage to keep passing Griego's guard to earn another 3 points. Garcia continued to keep pressure on Griego for rest of the match to win the Pan Am Heavyweight title. (Irvine Ca 4/8-12/ 2010) (Complete results at:

2009 Jiujitsu World Championship

Roger Gracie Dominates Open and Super Heavy Weight

Absolute Wt
Absolute Wt (f-L)2nd R.Barral 1st R.Gracie

Long Beach, CA- The 2009 World Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships were held at Long Beach State University's Pyramid. On Sunday, June 7th, thousands of spectators heated up the the atmosphere as they watched the finals of the black belts divisions. The 2007 open weight champion, Roger Gracie, returned this year for revenge. Last year, Alex Rebeiro from San Diego, CA, counter Gracie's judo osoto-gari throw to steal away the title. This year, Gracie dominated both the open weight and super heavyweight divisions to win both titles. In the open weight final, Gracie faced Romulo Barral, this year�s medium heavyweight champion from Texas. Barral tried to block Gracie�s favorite takedown techniques by sliding down to guide the fight to the ground. The taller Gracie accepted this challenge by pressuing both of Barral's legs to control him. Barral finally tired after 7 minutes of and Gracie folded his legs down and passed his guard. Gracie positioned himself in a mount to choke Barral with a nami-juji-jime (cross arm choke). Barral tapped out, and Gracie captured another World title. Gracie's rival Alex Rebeiro did not compete this year. Kron Gracie, Rickson Gracie's son, was eliminated in the quarterfinals by rival Lucas Leite. Leite, the Pan Am champion, placed 3rd, and the middleweight title went to Marcelo Garcia. Lana Stefanac captured the women�s open weight title by forcing Kyra Gracie (Renzo Gracie) to tap out from a ude-garami (Kimura) arm bar.(6/08/09)

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2009 Pan-American JiuJitsu Championships (Ca, 3/29)

2008 Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion Debuts In MMA At Sengoku

Tokyo: At the 5th Sengoku MMA championships, Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion Rebeiro (27yrs) fought in his first MMA championships on September 28th in Tokyo's Yoyogi Gym. He defeated GHC Jr. heavyweight champion Takashi Sugiura (38yrs) by KO. Rebeiro held Sugiura's head and landed a knee kick to his face, splitting the skin near Sugiura's eye brow. The referee stopped the match and awarded Rebeiro a KO victory. After the fight, Rebeiro challenged Olympic champ Hidehiko Yoshida, possibly leading to a Judo vs Jiujitsu match on Jan. 4th, 2009. (9/29)

2008 World Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champiuonships

Last Year's Absolute Champion Roger Gracie Upset

R.Gracie vs L.Leite in the S.S.Heavy weight final.(Right Picture)

This year's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu World Championships were held at the Cal State Long Beach Pyramid on May 6-8th. On the last day of competition all attention converged on the finals of the black belt divisions. In the super super heavyweight division, last year's gold medalist and absolute division champion Roger Gracie from Brazil faced heavyweight winner Alex Rebeiro (San Diego, CA).

R.Louvato vs A.Braga Neto in the S.Heavy weight final.(Left Picture)

Their absolute division final ended up looking more like a judo throwing competition. Rebeiro countered Roger Gracie's right osotogari (Major outside clip throw) attempt to tkae a 2pt lead. Neither player went to the ground, and Gracie's second osotogari attempt was countered by Rebeiro's sukuinage (leg lift throw) to increase his lead to 4-0. Gracie changed tactics to challenge Rebeiro in a ground fight where he captured 2 pts by turning Rebeiro over from the bottom, but time ran out. Gracie could not catch up to Rebeiro's lead, and Rebeiro won this year's absolute division title. Rafael Lovato (San Diego, CA), last year's only American World Champion, lost in the finals of the super heavyweight division to Antonio Braga Neto.

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