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OBITUARY-JIUJITSU-: Gracie Jiujitsu Pioneer Helio Gracie Passed away on Jan 29th at Rio De Janeiro Brazil age at 95. (1/29)

MMA-: Pride Champion Fedor knock out UFC champ Arlovski with powerfull cross counter punch in the 1st round at Affriction,Honda center Anaheim Ca, USA (1/24)

  • MMA-:Beijing Olympic Judo Champ: Ishii Eyes UFC Title In 2009 (12/18).
  • MMA-: Brock Lesnar up set Champion Randy Couture at UFC 91(11/15).
  • MMA-: Sakuraba loses at K-1 Dynamite (12/31)

    JUDO-: Beijing Olympic Champ Ishii and Athen Olympic Silver Medalist Izumi both from Japan debut MMA (10/30)

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    Olympic Judo Champions Takimoto and Nastula Defeated in Sengoku.

    Tokyo - Sengoku IV was held at the Saitama Arena on August 24th. The new MMA organization's fight card featured two former Olympic gold medalists Takimoto (JPN) and Nastula (POL). Sydney gold medalist (-81kg) Makoto Takimoto was defeated by Frank Triggs (USA) by decision. Atlanta gold medalist (-100kg) Pawel Nastula was defeated by Yang Dong of Korea by TKO 2:15 into the second round.

    Beijing Champ Ishii (Jpn) Challenge Pride Champion Fedor!

    Satoshi Ishii returned to Japan August 17th after winning the heavyweight gold medal in Beijing. At a press conference at Tokyo's Narita Airport, Ishii announced "I want to go fight the strongest man in the world, wherever he is. Now I want to face Fedor." Does this mean Ishii wants to face the Russian MMA world champion and former Russian judo champion in a MMA fight or judo fight??? We will have to keep a close eye on Ishii's next moves.

    MMA Superstar Fedor Destroys UFC Champ Sylvia In 36sec

    Anaheim, CA - Fedor Emelianenko (233lb, 31yrs), the former Pride Heavyweight champion, debuted in his first California fight in Affliction Banned at Anaheim�s Honda Center on July 19th. The 6�E1�ERussian fought against former UFC champion Tim Sylvia (6�E�E 260lb, 32 years). Fedor came into the ring with a 28-1-0 record and a reputation as currently the best heavyweight fighter in the world. Sylvia had impressive 26-6-0 record, but recent losses to veteran Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira showed his dominance may be waning. As soon as the fight began, Fedor connected with a powerful hook combination and knocked Sylvia down by striking his face and head. Fedor�s onslaught continued on the ground, and quickly slipped behind Sylvia to finish the match with a Hadaka-jime (rear naked choke). All it took was 36 seconds into the first round to prove Fedor�s dominance.(7/19)

    Pro-Judo Player Akiyama Defeats Wrestler Shibata

    Osaka, Japan �EDream, Japan�s new organization, hosted their 5th championships at the Osaka-Jo hall on July 21st in front of 12,000 fans. Yoshihiro Akiyama, the 2006 Hero light heavyweight champion, faced the former Shin Nihon pro-wrestling team member Katsuyori Shibata. Akiyama, a former All Japan Middleweight champion, entered the ring in a Judo uniform and showed his judo prowess by throwing Shibata several times in the first round. 6 minutes into the fight, Akiyama�s foot sweep knocked Shibata down. Akiyama secured the mount position and choked out Shibata with a sode-guruma (sleeve choke) for victory in 6:34. (7/21)

    Dream-2 Middle Weight GP 1st round

    Pride Champion Sakuraba Defeated Kyokushin Champ Nakahara 

    Saitama-shi, Japan- Dream, Japan’s new MMA organization, hosted round one of a middle-weight GP championships on April 29th at Saitama’s Super Arena in Japan.  Veteran fighter Kazushi Sakuraba (38yrs) faced kyokushin karate middleweight world champion Andrews Nakahara (25yrs) of Brazil in front of 21,397 fans. Sakuraba tackled Nakahara’s sidekicks and choked him from behind, forcing Nakahara to tap out 8’ 29” into the first round. Sakuraba’s victory moves him up into the 2nd round. Other first round winners include Ronald Jakarey, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion, who defeated Ian Marfee of US with a bare hand choke in round 1 (3’ 37”). Jakarey advanced to the 2nd round on June 15th at the Yokohama Arena in Japan.

    K-1 World GP 2008 - Schilt Knocks Out Hunt

    K-1 World GP 2008- Super heavy-weight champion Semmy Schilt (HOL) defeated former K-1 champion Mark Hunt (NZL) by knock-out. The Yokohama Arena was packed with 10,629 fans who gathered to watch this super heavy-weight title match on April 13th. The 6ft 11in giant Schilt faced 2001 K-1 champ Mark Hunt (5’ 10”). Schilt used his height to his advantage by attacking with his left knee and high right round kick. Schilt ended the fight by knocking out Hunt in 3 min 6 sec for a KO victory. Schilt defended his 2nd title fight, and has now defeated all K-1 former champions. Other winners included 2007 Kyokushin Karate world champion winner Envelton Tiseila (BRA) who defeated Yusuke Fujimoto (JPN) 2’ 02” into the 2nd round with a right straight knock out.


    New MMA Organization SENGOKU Opened in Tokyo. 3 /05

    Former UFC Champion Josh Barnet Defeated Pro Judo-ka Hidehiko Yoshida at SENGOKU Opening Event  

    Tokyo- A new Japanese MMA organization called SENGOKU was formed in October 2007 with former Pride fighters like pro-judoka Yoshida after Las Vegas-based UFC bought out the Pride organization last April. Sengoku’s first event was held at Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo on March 5th in front of 15,523 fans. Pro-judoka and former judo Olympic Champion Hidehiko Yoshida (38yrs) faced former UFC champion Josh Barnet (30yrs) of USA in the main event. Yoshida’s powerful judo throwing techniques controlled Barnet early on, but heavyweight champion Barnet use his strength to grind down Yoshida’s defenses. Barnet took Yoshida’s ankle to finish off Yoshida in the 3rd round (3’ 23”). It has been over a year since his last Pride fight in April, 2007.
    The fight card also included Kazuyuki Fujita (JPN) who defeated Peter Graham (AUS) with a choke 1’ 23” into the 1st round. Olympic medalist and pro-judo-ka Makoto Takimoto (JPN) was defeated by Evang Lista Syborg (BRA) 4’ 51” into the 1st round. Takimoto had no defenses against Syborg’s heel lock, an unfamiliar technique for someone with a background in judo.

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    Start: Saturday July 26, 2008
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